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day three hundred and sixty five

(Be prepared for a long description.)


The End.



Wow wow wow.

Let me just begin by saying thank you to everyone who has commented, favorited, and sent me messages encouraging me throughout this project. Your kind words kept me going and gave me the confidence that I so greatly needed. Thank you for letting me share a small part of my life with you.


Wow. What a year this has been. I can easily say that this has been the hardest, craziest, most adventurous year ever. 2010 was labeled “The Year Without Fear” on January 1, and as I look back, it has been a year filled with much fear and adventure.


January my family was thrusted into my dad’s job retirement—and new job—and move.

February we were invited to go to Florida to watch our friend drive his crew into space. The shuttle launch was more exciting than Disney World and meeting Brandon Heath.

Having Chris Tomlin and James Lankford at our school was pretty cool too.

And then in May the Parker family packed their bags, said goodbye, and pilled into the van for a two week long trek across the United States and Canada. Leaving my church and school family was the hardest thing ever. It was the last Choir tour at school and the last drama production at church. I got to be in the school play for the first and last time. My school and church were my family and I still miss them an unbelievable amount. But driving to the Last Frontier was quite the adventure in of itself. We got to stop by Focus on the Family, where my mom signed her writing contract and we were able to go through a private tour. And of course there was the normal sightseeing and stories and gas station stops. We rode the ferry, we drove through Canada, we endured the road to Tok, and finally we were in our new home. We’re all still adjusting and still facing challenges but as all things go, we can make it through.

And also in November there was the Writers’ Conference, which is always a highlight.


Photography-wise? The beginning of the year was the beginning of my photography. My camera was a Kodak Zi6, I believe, which was mostly a video camera but had one picture setting—but there was no self timer, so if I wanted to have both my hands in the picture, I would have to film myself and then print screen from the computer. As for editing? It was picnik and paint until I found some old photoshop software in a box after the move to Alaska. I also bought myself a point and shoot camera with my birthday money for the sole reason that it had a self timer! After the finding of photoshop in June, my photography finally started to improve. And there’s still a long way to go.

As I’ve told many of you before, I’m happy and sad for this project to be over. Happy because I never knew I would have gotten this far or have grown to love photography this much. Also happy because, of course, it’s over. But I’m also sad because this year has been a transition year and truly one-of-a-kind. I really am at a loss for words. It’s been a hard year, one of the hardest, but I’m excited for the year to come to see where God takes me next. It’s been an awesome journey, and really this isn’t the end.

It’s only the beginning.


Songs that got me through the Year:

I will Rise

Before the Morning



P.S. Be prepared for a print givaway!


Also, I got a very sweet testimonial from this super awesome girl! Thank you so much! :D

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Taken on December 31, 2010