Great Falls National Park, Maryland (and VA)
Great Falls National Park, Maryland

My first trip to Great Falls was June 10th 2006.

The Falls were great and the bird activity was way up. I saw a lot of GBH's, and spotted an Eagles Nest. Apparently it's been there for years (I heard), and I got to see all 3 eagles, which included an Eagle that is about 3 months old (I did not see him leave the nest on my first visit).

Updated 2/28/2007 - I've now probably been more than 45-50 times since my first trip. Such a nice place to come back to, my most recent visit was this morning before work... The resident eagle pair seemed to be doing fine.

Updated - 2/24/2008 - I've now been another 15 or 20 times, for maybe 65 or 70 trips total in about 2 1/12 years. I discovered the Virginia side of Great Falls after about 55 or 60 visits, I'd only ever been to the Maryland side..

The Virginia side is "great" for the wide view of the Potomac for sure (you can see much farther down river than the MD side), but also the great light that sunset provides over the falls at sunset.

It is now 2010 and I go to both side regularly. Thanks to Kate (flickr Kgrin) I've been down to Fisherman's Eddy on the VA side, and have to say 'that's a cool spot'.

By now (2010) I may have been to Great Falls National Park around 90 times, maybe 100. I've probably taken 20,000 or 30,000 image there. Heck that's ONLY 200 or 300 shots per visit, and that sound light.

In 2009 and now 2010 the bald eagles that nest above the dam have had 2 chicks each year. I stopped following them closely, and it is great to hear reports of their success. In 2010 I've been a few times and seen nest activity and even one of the chicks - but I tend to go to places like Blackwater, or elsewhere, on the MD eastern shore instead of closer places like GF.
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