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A Day to Remember - Sumatran Tigers 12/06/2005 | by Nikographer [Jon]
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A Day to Remember - Sumatran Tigers 12/06/2005

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(Bulk posted about 18 pics)


So, December 6th was an amazing day. I got so many cool action shots of the Tigers, I posted a few and held back. Some of these I didn't even know came out this good (after adjusting levels, etc) until tonight (2/28/2006).


On this day, there was snow on the ground, and it was in the 30's at the DC Zoo if I recall correctly.


They put the keg out for them to play with, and the cats had a blast.


I didn't realize which cat did which part of this until now. Jalan, the smartest of the cats, got the keg out of the water the first time, by the stairs.


After Jalan played with the keg some, as the "Getter" of it, he gave up control, and now I think Besar got it. He's the most dominant of the 3 brothers, so this would make sense.


What happened after Besar gets it is funny. He has it near the edge of the water, and loses it! Instead of conceeding defeat, he goes in the water WITH IT, and tries to bring it back to dry land. He's joined by Jalan trying to help. I think on this day they got it out of the water two times, the second near the middle of the exhibit/water.


It fell back in the water again, and they just got frustrated trying to get at it, but wouldn't venture back in to the water again... It was cold, and by now they were all wet and probably just had enought of it. At one point a tiger tries to get out of the water, and is flanked by his brothers who are on land, and he slips, due to his numb feet if you ask me, hehe. They wanted that keg so bad. "My Precious..." as Gollum would say.




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Uploaded on March 1, 2006