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The Sarlacc | by -infomaniac-
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The Sarlacc

"Although The Saralacc might seem old and battered on the outside, she's got more fight in her than the shiniest ship in the spaceport"- Ned Nebulae


The Sarlacc began her life as a Corellian Yt-1300 bulk cruiser, until she fell into the hands of Ned Nebulae in a high-stakes game of Sabac. Nebulae fell in love instantly, and immediately set to work revamping and re-modeling The Sarlacc into what it is today. Nebulae added 3 high military grade turbolasers, in addition to a new hyperdrive, shield system and engine complex.


The most important and notably addition to The Sarlacc was Nebulae's installation of 3 high power tractor beams. The Sarlacc's signature move is to catch a fleeing ship in her tractor beams and move the vessel in front of the ships forward facing weapons. This is what gives her the name Sarlacc, after the infamous Tatooine Sarlacc which stays stationary and drags its prey to it. Over the years, The Sarlacc has gained more and more battle scars, giving her hull a distinctive pattern of patches and pockmarks. Nebulae jokes that for every bounty he claims The Sarlacc gets a fresh coat of Durasteel, which is shurprisingly accurate.

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Taken on October 30, 2011