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If I were a Bratz Tag Game - Courtney | by ~*Black Glitter*~
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If I were a Bratz Tag Game - Courtney

If I Were a Bratz Tag Game -

- Customize a 2010/2011 Bratz art to look like you

- Describe your fashion and why you wear it

- Give yourself a nickname

- tag a lot of people!!!


So here I am!!

- I really don't have a specific fashion. The way I dress depends on the occasion. I try to wild and partially modest in the way I dress. If I'm at home and not going anywhere that day then I'll where

sweats and a t-shirt.

- my nickname would probably be......... Well I don't actually know! I've never actually been given a nickname before!!!


I think the Shadi look pretty much covers my real look!!


My hair isn't really long it probably goes a little bit over my shoulders, in the art she is a little hunched over my mom always tells me 'to stand up straight!'xD, I always wear fingnail polish no matter what, I flatten the hair down some because when I do wear my hair down I'm always smoothing it down, I loooove accessories I have to dress anything up even if it's just some earrings, my eyes are deep brown, I have tan/black skin and I don't wear a lot of make-up.

I think that pretty much describes my look!!! I'm a really boring doll............................................. :3


Any other questions just ask.

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Taken on August 5, 2011