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puppy power ♥♥♥

today is mukha's 5th birthday!! this photo was taken when she was 4 months old, but it reminds me of the very first time i saw her. it was so magical, really. we entered the house, turned the corner and there in the kitchen (unconfined) were 3 little 11 1/2 week old puppies sitting perfectly side by side like one entity (like this picture, x3). they were all facing me, looking up at me.. so calm and quiet, except each puppy was slightly swaying like the flame of a candle in a still room. they had such a powerful, mystical, intelligent aura, but that, of course, was also oozing the puppy sweetness.. twas truly unforgettable!


i should add that there was also an adult weimaraner (one who just had babies, but not these babies, which was a bit weird, but anyway..) at the house too, and she didn't bark or come to the door either when we arrived. this weimie behaviour was so unusual to me, because i was used to always coming home to frantic weims. one who loved to shriek and jump and claw at you, and one who mostly did cartwheels :) mukha is still good today, she lays by the front door the entire time we're gone and when we come home, she usually stands up slowly and waits for you to put out your arm where she gently perches and gives kissies ! ♥♥♥

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Taken on March 27, 2006