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cirque du weimaraner

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i've been thinking about trying to take pictures of mukha on this stool for a while, since i did it a couple of times a long time ago with rolyn--minus the turtle--and the shots turned out pretty cool. the challenge is (well, last week's anyway) 'dog n chair' for 52 weeks for dogs, so i decided to try it out and everything worked out so awesomely! i had just started asking mukha if she would like to sit on the stool when my boyfriend suddenly came into the room and actually offered to help! mukha was just walking around with her turtle in her mouth when he scooped her up and sat her on the stool. she kept her turtle in her mouth the whole time! she's the best model ever :)

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  1. br1dotcom 66 months ago | reply

    carino carino carino!

  2. dangeri. 66 months ago | reply

    Your shots are always special!

  3. kia's r kid 66 months ago | reply

    How adorable! She is the best model ever! Good Girl Muk!

  4. maruan's travel [a bit away.. vEEEry busy] 66 months ago | reply

    she´s so well behavior!!!

    envy.... LOL

  5. bakterioza90 [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    Excellent! :D :)

  6. ladybugdiscovery 63 months ago | reply

    ;-D she is the best!!!
    What a perfect model.

  7. pawprints 63 months ago | reply

    this is so cute

  8. VitaR 63 months ago | reply

    great dog , excellent shot..

  9. dangeri. 63 months ago | reply

    wonderful as usual!!

  10. dangeri. 63 months ago | reply

    wonderful as usual!!
    Found and admired in:
    the little dog laughed

  11. catcad 62 months ago | reply

    Very much like Wegman.

  12. greg westfall. 60 months ago | reply

    you all are really starting to give Wegman a run for his money!

  13. Margaret Waage 59 months ago | reply

    I call my son mukha mukha and drive him crazy with that! It's my term of endearment! Love your work!

  14. neyoka 52 months ago | reply

    :D it is funny this photo remember me to this other:

  15. Nora tinfoil artist 41 months ago | reply

    just wondering......did you ever watch New Order's Blue Monday?

  16. philippbalga.com 39 months ago | reply

    inspiring! have to ask my dog if he would to the same for me...

  17. Skyeduck1 37 months ago | reply

    So, so cute!

  18. Skyeduck1 37 months ago | reply

    You're a great photographer!

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