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    rolyn and chanhi and these dogs loved each other! they made friends and played together the whole time at the dog park. this photo was taken like 6 years ago and @ that time rolyn and chanhi would swim in this lake and would swim in the ocean, but they had never jumped off of something into a body of water. they wouldn't jump off of this dock. they wanted to but they just couldn't! we would throw balls and they would just stand on the very edge and bark and shriek, and get down and stretch their arms out. later we moved to a house with a dock and lake, so they learned to jump in and love it. although, occasionally they would find a random lily pad to bark at and try to get. sometimes they would hang so far over the edge and get so vertical with their little bums sticking straight up that they would fall right in! well, i think chanhi was the only one that ever fell in.. :)

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    1. quick reaction [deleted] ages ago | reply


    2. Эмыли Mapxc ages ago | reply

      Haha.. Classic! My parents have a pool and one night I was over there with P. Walter. He must of forgotten about the pool because he walked out onto the patio and straight into the pool!

    3. Penelloppii ages ago | reply

      Great story...you're the best descriptive writer. You should write a book, or at the very least some short stories about your life with your dogs. I can just picture them hanging off the edge of the dock...sooooo funny!

    4. RaisinGrrrl ages ago | reply

      lovely picture!

    5. saikiishiki ages ago | reply


      issolde:. really?! thanks.. maybe you're just a good 'listener'!

    6. bunchadogs & susan ages ago | reply

      I love the camaraderie of this with all the dogs consorting, and the wonderful sheen on the water to the right. what a lovely story.
      I'd love to see Weims swimming in a lake. I'll bet my Spoodles would love it too.

      I am leery of dogs and swimming pools. my brother's old Bichon fell in and couldn't get out and drowned. arghhhh....

      wonderful image here. made me smile.

      Found and admired in the little dog laughed

    7. Sài ages ago | reply

      good to have fun with pals!

    8. meg price ages ago | reply

      Hehe! This is such a familiar scene, Barney will swim but will NOT jump from a ledge.. he tries to find another way in and runs round and round the pond instead! Love this shot :)

    9. m+m+t ages ago | reply

      Mac was the same - would go in the water but not jump in from above. He had to jump off a jetty for a water-bone retrieve in the TV show Wonderdogs + then out of a row boat for another retrieve. Tried practicing prior to the filming but it was the windy season in Wellington so very choppy + unappealing. Well it wasn't pretty ... I had to apply the drag + drop approach but full credit to Mac ... once in he did the retrieve + brought it back to me perfectly even thou they had decoy ducks out!

      Tosh's first swim was unscheduled. He was zooming in a forest + didn't realize that under the green scum was a water pond! He knew how to swim instinctively ... just as well cause i was too busy laughing to rescue him.

    10. benbohmer ages ago | reply

      Unbelievable how much this looks like a painting. Excellent!

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