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Fallout New Vegas : Boomers | by [N]atsty
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Fallout New Vegas : Boomers

Fallout New Vegas : Boomers

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As part of the Vault experiment, Vault 34's armory was overstocked with weapons and ammunition. It was also equipped with a vast number of recreational facilities, including a full-sized swimming pool, at the cost of living space.

According to various sources inside the vault, the vault became overpopulated. Foreseeing problems, the Overseer had a remote link to the armory lock installed on his terminal, denying access. A group of residents demanded access to the armory, stating their need for the right to defend themselves, which the Overseer denied. Rioting broke out soon after, and the group who had demanded access to the armory stormed the exit and left the vault. As they wandered the Mojave Wasteland, they fought many tribals with their weapons, easily outclassing the comparatively-primitive wastelanders. However, for "every 43.6 savages" they killed, one of their own died. Thus, they sought a home, and found Nellis Air Force Base, long since left empty because of the residual radiation, which the Vault dwellers easily circumvented with the use of their Geiger counters.


In 2231, the group of dissidents from Vault 34 struck out on their own and began using Nellis as a temporary base. Over time, they eventually decided to call Nellis their home. They learned a great deal of information from the Air Force's records and used that information to open the weapons storehouses at Area 2 and the Hawthorne Army Depot, neither of which are present in Fallout: New Vegas. The result of their efforts was an enormous stockpile of heavy ordnance, artillery, and a small number of nuclear weapons.


They trained themselves in the art of aerial combat by using the virtual reality flight simulators already there inside Nellis, despite having no planes or fighters to fly. Except for the destroyed bomber in the hangar which may be used for new parts for the crashed bomber in Lake Mead to make a new bomber in the quest Volare!


Due to the tribe's paranoia, hostility, and excessive reverence for explosives, the New Vegas locals started calling them "Boomers". The Boomers didn't mind their name as long as it meant outsiders kept their distance. No matter who approached them (Mr. House, the Vegas families, NCR, or Caesar), the Boomers had the same response: artillery. While the Boomers' attitude has kept away trouble, all of the major players in the Mojave Wasteland want to get on the tribe's good side. People simply have no idea how to accomplish that. Intelligence indicates that the Boomers have a clean water supply from Lake Mead, power from solar panels inside the base, and thriving farms that they've learned to develop "the hard way" over the decades they've been in the base. Once, the NCR attempted to shut off the Boomers' water supply. The Boomers' response was to shell sections of the NCR's water pipeline in eastern New Vegas. The NCR promptly restored the flow.


In the months that followed that experiment, no one has tried to approach the Boomers, which is just how they like it.


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