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2OO7▲9/30 ~ 11/9

no. 18-1, lane 42, nanjing west rd. taipei
monday - sunday
12 pm - 9 pm

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hello ! this is oly from a little subtropical island called taiwan. ithinkyou'relikeasong is an exhibition about my loving boy ( far far away in the city called paris, i bet he's sleeping right now ) and me, we are in love, with each other, in an amazing way. i think you can call it magic ! ( of love, la la la, you should even write a song of it ! )

and my dear dear friends, this is an invatation to you, no matter where you are, on earth, the 3rd planet in the solar system. i wanna invite you, and share with you, of all the magical little moments, of all the bitter and sweet small details, of all the endless small ( soft ) talks, of, the music that made of from our everyday life, like heartbeats, like breathes, like, being alive, like, being in love.

: )
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