I enjoy wandering with my camera and losing myself through the lens. Though I've taken photos for many years now, I'm no pro, so I delighted in the advent of digital - I've wasted so much film trying to be sure ONE of them would come out right...

My cameras:

DSLR: Canon 7D
Telephoto lens: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS
Macro lens: Canon EF 100mm 1:2.8

Most recent point-and-shoot: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
Favorite Point-and-shoot for macros: Canon PowerShot S5 IS
Original point-and-shoot: Canon PowerShot S70

The S5 makes excellent macros when combined with the Raynox DCR-250, has a decent zoom, and is really easy to take on hikes. Though I added the 7D to my collection in June 2012, I still turn to the S5 + Raynox for most of my macros.

I hope you enjoy this collection of the photos I've taken that I like the best or find interesting enough to share. I know I'm enjoying meeting people and seeing photos here, and can feel the experience already teaching me to see, inspiring me to find the beauty in more mundane subjects than I normally do, and to branch out in my subject matter. Hopefully with this practice I will get better! Thanks to all for your input.

I also have a website for my drawings, though it's in bad need of a facelift as it was created in the days when 800x600 was the target monitor size, and that's been a while now. One of these days I'll get to that when I'm not taking photos, processing photos, working on a drawing, or creating new graphics. Whether current or old, you will always be able to find it at:


View my DNA at bighugelabs.com

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    Sea Moon says:

    "I always love checking in to see what lovely new insects zxgirl has come across, and how she photographs them.Beautiful work, and check out her website for some great artwork too. Anybody who can see the beauty in insects is on the right track artistically, in my humble opinion..."

    September 24th, 2008

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    AlienGraffiti says:

    "It's never easy loving bugs and Z does it so well..."

    July 8th, 2008

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    ultra-K says:

    "Her arty shots are cool, but my favorite photos from zxgirl are the ones she brings out from her goth days. They make me giggle.

    Fun facts about zxgirl:
    * She is very tall.
    * She likes cars.
    * She knows how to shake her booty.
    * She is one cool chic."

    February 5th, 2008

September 2006
Northern Virginia, USA
I am:
Visual Designer
Ashley Bradford's Fine Art