Our Flickr home to show off the incredible work from the Zooppa community! Join our community-generated advertising contests and compete for cash prizes at www.zooppa.com!

Zooppa partners with international companies to sponsor their brand through Zooppa's competitions. Based on the briefs the companies provide, users are invited to create their own commercials for that brand. Participation in a Zooppa contest can take many forms: designing an animated sequence, creating a print ad, writing a script or concept for a potential ad, or actually producing a viral video. Once users have uploaded their contributions, it is up to them to decide the winners. Users rate the ads and it is based on these ratings that Zooppa awards the cash prizes.

Can I compete?
Of course! Go to Zooppa.com today to see which contests are underway right now, and sign up!

Real money? Or fake money?
These competitions are for real money. The creator of the best ad as voted by the Zooppa community walks away with the cash prize for that contest.

Is this an Italian site? I see lots of Italian language.
No, Zooppa is global. We got our start in Italy and consequently have the largest community of Zooppers there...for now! :)

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