Flickr addict!
Wow...what fun. But there is that little problem with my new carpal tunnel syndrome. Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...Gotta flickr less...

Well that didn't work.

I've thought a lot about Flickr and this new passion of photography. Isn't there a bit of narcissism involved? When we read a book or an article that someone else has written, we're connecting mind to mind, thought to thought...even if the author is long dead. And with art, ESPECIALLY photography, we are connecting eye to eye. You see what I see. I see what you saw. Even if I am uncomfortable with your image or you dislike mine...we've connected. It's exciting.
Thanks to everyone who participates in Flickr. I truly enjoy perusing and commenting on this rich world of images. And I love sharing mine and reading the comments you write.
Keep on clicking!

I own the rights to all of my photos. Please contact me if you wish to use any image of mine. Thank you.

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    supprimé says:

    "Au-dela de la barrière de la langue, Lisa est cette femme extraordinaire qui sait nous faire partager son amour pour la vie, son grand sens de la dérision, son magnifique humour, son immense imagination qui nous entraîne jour après jour dans les histoires les plus délirantes ....
    Lisa a sa place d'honneur sur Flickr car Lisa n'est pas seulement une sympatique personne, c'est une photographe de talent qui sait nous faire voir la beauté dans le détail d'une vie ordinaire.
    Lisa c'est l'amour de la nature et de toutes ses composantes .. du plus petit insecte à la flore qui l'entoure et surtout un grand amour de l'être humain qu'elle sait chaque fois nous présenter avec humilité, délicatesse et un profond respect de la personne.
    Lisa ne vole pas ses clichés ... ils sont avant tout pour elle un moyen d'entrer en communication avec une personne étrangère et de créer des liens humains .. même s'ils ne doivent rester qu'éphémères ....
    Lisa c'est enfin une personne qui prend plaisir à faire de ses contacts de véritables amis ... et c'est un grand plaisir de se compter parmi eux.
    merci Lisa d'avoir été un jour sur ma route et d'avoir tracé ce lien virtuel et amical entre ta Virginie et mon Pays Basque ! :-))

    kisses my friend !

    And do you know ? ... you are very lucky ... it's your first french testimonial ... and just one personne can understand it ... myself ! :-))

    Cl☼s ! :-))"

    December 21st, 2008

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    Michael Steverson says:

    "A talented photographer with an ability to "see" things I would never catch, her photostream is full of compelling images. Let's face it, Flickr is chock full of amazing artists, Lisa included, but as good as she is with a camera, she may even be better as a friend.

    She makes me laugh, gives insightful, meaningful feedback and is a constant source of encouragement to me and so many others here on Flickr. She makes my life better.

    Thanks my friend, here's to having everything the way you want it, at least for a little while!"

    December 15th, 2008

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    grammyandpoppyk says:

    "I consider Lisa to be one of Flickr’s BEST!
    While viewing my contacts pics, I kept seeing this lady’s oh so clever and intuitive wit and decided that I must have her as my contact too. I carefully stalked this talented woman, so carefully, in fact that she feels she was the initiator! Please don’t tell her otherwise because I especially love that she actually believes our friendship and this testimony were her idea!
    Do go to her stream and enjoy her exquisite captures. Lisa has taught me to look carefully at the world and see things I would never have noticed. I am now appreciating angles, colors and curves that I might never have really seen before.
    Lisa is tender, gentle, strong, silly, serious, brave, funny and outrageous - and all of this is reflected in her photos! She is also very generous and sent me many of my favorite Flickr Friends!
    Check her out, but if you do, be prepared to laugh, cry, sigh, or say “Oh My”! And definitely don't be eating or drinking, as she often surprises and more than once I have had to mop up my screen!!!
    LOL! (translation - we all Love Our Lisa)"

    December 4th, 2008

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    Pat McDonald says:

    "Zoom helps us see the world.

    She has a magical eye, an eye that sees the world in new ways.

    It all seems so obvious .... we see one of Zoom's pictures and wonder, why didn't I see that before?

    That skill; of seeing in a new way is uplifting. She allows us to soar.

    There is a wonderful interplay of light and shade in the way she weaves her words. Her words complement her images. Combined they dazzle. Dazzle with a tender illumination of the human spirit.

    The two pillars of her art, image and words, resonate off each other to produce the music of pure magic.

    Pause. Listen. Stop the hurtling cacophony of life and hear the gentle harmonies produced by this wonderful person: Zoom"

    December 4th, 2008

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    Tylfe says:

    " Lucky me ...Zoom in Tight is a contact :)
    She has the eye of an artist and the skill of an ace photographer .
    Viewing her work , you immediately know she has a sparkle and zest for life . She invites you on an adventure with each shot and puts a smile in my day !"

    August 8th, 2008

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    sugarpacketchad says:

    ""Zoom" is definitely one of the more talented photographers that we have here on flickr. She has inspired me to do better as a photographer. Her use of patterns in objects is just amazing!"

    July 20th, 2008

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    Nick Boren Photography says:

    "Zoom In Tight is one of those rare talents. She has an eye for the art that most people will never process. She captures images that most people would overlook. Her unique vision really inspires me in my own work. This is what I like the most about Flickr, you get to rub shoulders and communicate with people such as Zoom In Tight. I think by doing so, it makes you a better photographer. So thank you Lisa, for sharing your images with the flickr community. Your talent is endless! :)"

    June 29th, 2008

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    xinapray says:

    "Art? Check.
    Special? Check.
    Passion? Check.
    Humor? Check.
    Real? Check.

    There are lots of pretty pictures on Flickr. But for works of art with soul, taken by a wonderful human being, you're missing out if you're not checking out zoom_in_tight's photostream.

    Keep up the great work, Lisa! Your postings always brighten my day!"

    April 15th, 2008

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    Aster-oid says:

    "I think I first met "Zoom in tight" through one of these Flickr Pools with the most complicated rules... Since then I kind of grew away from such Pools, in an effort to simplify my digital life, but my friendship with "Zoom" was to be much more lasting.
    If I had to use only one word to describe her photography, that would be "precision". Precision is precisely what distinguishes particularly her shots of Nature - and in this precision is manifest a love for detail and spontaneity and crispness...
    On the other hand, ever since I came in touch with her photostream, I 've been trying to determine the thread that unites all her pictures together, that makes them a coherent whole, one body... I couldn't come up with it, although it was there from the beginning for me and for all of us to see and make the connection. I only realized it the other day, as I was leaving a comment on one of her pictures. To me, at least, a garden is the thread. Not any garden... Her own garden, her own literal or metaphorical, imaginary garden... With every shot and every image of hers, "Zoom" kind of takes us by the hand on a walk around her garden. She stops from time to time to show us a bird, drawing our attention to its fantastic colors - the kind of colors only Nature can produce - and then she turns around to point out for us a flower in all its delicacy, a specific light penetrating its almost transparent petals, a glow reflecting on its leaves.
    And then, being the lady she is, "Zoom" takes special care to invite us inside her house also, introduce her family to us, her precious microcosm.
    Finally, what she does through her photography is just this: allowing us generous glimpses at her everyday life and at the little great world that surrounds her - a world so precious and familiar to her that actually seems to me it is also the world inside her...
    Dearest "Zoom", thank you for the intimacy!.."

    February 12th, 2008

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    Andy Millican says:

    "There are some photographers on Flickr whose photostreams constantly amaze. Everytime you see their name appear in your 'recently uploaded' screen you know you're in for a visual treat. The quality of their work constantly inspires you and you can guarantee each visit will have you clicking the 'fave' button. zoom in tight is one such example. Each new upload gives you feelings of awe and envy in equal measures. You're always thinking, 'damn, I wish I'd thought of that !' I'm honoured to count her as one of my contacts,and judging from the amount of comments she gets on a daily basis, it seems I'm not alone. I really can't explain what is is about these photographs that I love - but maybe that's the point. The cliche ' a picture tells a thousand words' is true when you give naturally talented people a camera. An absolutely inspiring body of work that never fails to make you strive to do better in your own efforts. Keep it coming !"

    January 22nd, 2008

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