I'm kind of setting up an environment of circumstances where things might happen and then I'm following on the things that happen, and sometimes that might build on or take away from an original idea, but it's something more interesting coming along. I'm always trying to put things outside of my control. I normally try to do that by chance, just throwing in lots of obstacles.To me, it's a little bit like a game




Narelle Autio

Helen Levitt

William Klein

Robert Frank

Rinko Kawauchi

Joel Meyerowitz

Saul Leiter

Nabuyoshi Araki

James Nachtwey

Martin Parr

Sebastiao Salgado

Christine Spengler

Eliott Erwitt

Richard Avedon

William Eggleston

Joseph Koudelka

Raymond Depardon

Jean-Paul Goude

Marc Riboud

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