I’m an architectural illustrator creating 2D & 3D presentation images for designers to visualize and sell their designs. I’m experienced producing computer models, renderings, animations, graphic designs, and marketing materials.


My greatest strength is my architectural background as it allows me to communicate effectively with architects and designers. I can read CD drawings, specifications, sketches, and understand the architectural language. I completely understand an architect’s schedule and the need for things to be done correctly and on time.


Patrick Hoesly’s Specialties:


Author • Architectural Computer Modeling • Rendering • Animations • Photo/Image Remastering • Photorealistic Renderings • Marketing Layouts • Graphic Design • Architectural Background & skills • Architectural Design • Sports and Recreation Facility Design • Theater Design • Furniture & Millwork Design • Management of time, money, schedule, & people.


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  • JoinedSeptember 2005
  • Occupation3D computer graphic artist and illustrator
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eager trucks (deleted)

Your seamless textures are amusing and unique. Real work of art and craft. Thank you for sharing. Regards.

August 17, 2010