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I've been photographing as a sideline and passion for a lot of years. I started with Flickr not too long ago, continuing to add current stuff, and making connections with like-minded photographers.

I prefer mostly straightforward photography that shows the world pretty much as we see it. Though I do prefer photographs that show unusual or dramatic scenes, lighting and weather, or ways of looking at the world that most people may not notice.

I don't go in much for trendy looks or heavy-handed post-processing. Nevertheless, I try to use the tools available in the digital darkroom to get the most out of raw photos or produce results not possible in-camera. And I like to use all the capabilities of the equipment to show things we may be too limited to see, such as the night sky.

Let me know what you think of my work, good or bad. I enjoy looking at photos and trying to understand what makes them powerful or not so interesting, and trying to figure out how to make them better.

In my professional life I make photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope -- another sort of way-outdoors nature photography -- as part of the News Office at the Space Telescope Science Institute as well as the Hubble Heritage Project.

In both personal and professional work, I strive to squeeze the most quality and information from photographs and produce something that is pleasing to look at.

I enjoy spending time outdoors in natural surroundings as well as interesting towns and cities. By capturing and sharing the natural world and the amazing constructions of humans, I hope to raise awareness of the amazing beauty and diversity in the world so that we might all be inspired to protect and preserve as much as possible while we still have a chance.

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Zolt Levay
May 2007
Towson, Md.
Columbia, Md., USA
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