I am scientist in genetic and bioinformatics, working for a pharmaceutical company (algorithms and programs for sequencing data analysis). Wild life and especially plants is my life-long passion. I was lucky enough to participate in sequencing of several plant genomes: rice, corn (genes only), grape, apple.

My current goal is to learn more about local plant diversity and show other people the beauty of nature.


I made all my photos available to public under the Creative Commons license (CC). Everyone is free to use the images or parts of them without asking my permission. Citation of the original source and the author is highly appreciated.


Most of the time, I edit my images in Photoshop to highlight the shadowed places and reduce too bright spots. After that, to compensate decrease of the light intensity range, I add some brightness and contrast. This procedure allows the details of the plants to be better visible. For reversibility, I keep most of the original images in my archive.

Sometimes, people insist on the "nativity" of images to stress that no efforts was done to artificially improve the beauty of Nature. I consider this reasonable, but not quite correct. People do not realize how much image editing occurs in their digital camera automatically. On the other hand, the photograph is not the same what we see with our eyes. Our eyes can adjust automatically their sensitivity for dark and bright spots which cannot be done by any camera in a standard mode. However, such an adjustment can be done by photo editing.

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