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    earthy mind says:

    She is a Rainbow ,Really Mashallah Her FotoStream is RAINBOW-AMAZINGGGGG! I love her edits mashalla she really deserves 2 have all her FOTO STREAM In the Explore !! She is Really Sweet And Kind:* (YY) Her Pics are FAVED for sure!!She is A Rainbow Lollypop and her Rainbow Cake is AMAZING * I Love her BOKEH;z Really (a) sorry for the simple testi.u deserve more :*

    Chaww :**
    love yeww ♥♥♥ xoxo Amna☮"

    October 21st, 2009

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    Aishα ♡ says:

    Actually.. So do i , your flickr is one of my favorites.♥♥
    you've got alot of skills in photograph !!!
    i Love meditating in each photo of ur flickr.
    wish you success in this wonderful area and I hope
    you reach the summit and achieve what you want to verification, and best wishes :D
    god bless you :*:*


    September 6th, 2009

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    Rouda M. says:

    "the rainbow raider she is one of the best here,i never get bored in her photostream seriously i love all her shots especially the rainbow one mashallah she is very creative wish her all the best in her life and best regards.
    yours,rooody ♥!"

    August 23rd, 2009

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    @fotografo. says:

    "I've been planning to write her a testi since forever , but I don't seem to get the words out!
    her photostream is just magical *__* a77b t9weerha , she's actually the person who introduced me to photography , Which I'm very thankful for that :D Thnnx a lot :*
    God bless you Asmtii bsmtii xD ,, a77bich :* I know I haven't said much but hey words are not enough!! ya ab9'aaya entii :P
    *yaaay me* I finally wrote you a testii =")
    yours wa b8waa;

    June 23rd, 2009

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    quiet bicycle says:

    "[ Zenat El3ain ]™

    wat can i say about u
    u're an amazing photographer
    w 9jjjj rainbow girl =P ,, i love all ur rainbow shots
    they're just so so wonderful
    i love all kind of kinder & birthday shots u got
    zenat u're the best rainbow girl in flickr
    so keep ur rainbow shots up

    With my regards ;

    June 23rd, 2009

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    disastrous self says:

    I've never seen you but all I know that your so adorable < mn kalaam elbnaat ya3ni :P lool astaahbil you are adorable girl < kalami :P:P.
    And now about your photography :|
    I' am speechless now wallah your photography
    Is one of a kind I've never seen such a talent < that’s all I can say

    love ya ♥♥
    Poker face :*"

    June 15th, 2009

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    3 a l y a says:

    "fdaithum ana ;* .. walla i've been trying so hard to write something bs nothing can describe .
    zenat el3ain : one of my favorites and she is so unique :') w glad to have a real friend like her
    dunno what to say but i know that she is so great photography ♥
    love her whole photosteam specially Nawaf's pics ;) w she got her own style

    Missed her so muuuuch :'("

    June 6th, 2009

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    ’K says:

    "Zenat El3ain

    sach i don't know you so much but i feel you are lovely girl
    i like the picture that you are taket , your flickr one of my faviroute flickr
    keep it up and god plus you

    Ur sis : Braccialini"

    May 22nd, 2009

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    Irresistible™ says:

    "The C.O.O.L.E.S.T and most collllllorful photostream ever!
    Girl your photos rock!!! love them all
    Always have a smile when I go through them..."

    May 5th, 2009

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    zonked limit says:

    "a girl who's MAD about colors XDD but that's a good thing cuz her photostream looks absolutley gorgeous this way ... I love her photos
    her creativity KILLS me .. she inspires me in many ways ..
    she's one of the best photographers around her ;DD"

    March 12th, 2009

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    different wealth says:

    "[ Zenat El3ain ]™

    I think she is amazing person ;o
    one of my faves, i really love her photostream ..
    its so amazing mashalla
    doom hal ibda3 inshalla
    All The Best Fdeetch
    { f } ,. ~"

    January 30th, 2009

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    flippant plants says:

    "[ Zenat El3ain ]™

    OMG =|
    Realy i don't know what to say =|
    Can't express My Feeling about ur photostream walla =|
    It realy Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing, 5yaaaaaaal
    8sm Bllah =|
    I'm Crazy About Ur photostream walla !
    & I think N9hum are added TO my Fav =|
    'cause it realy t76eeeeeeem ib m3na al.klma =|
    Kl 9oora a7la mn althanyaa =|
    Oo Al.-edit !!!!!!!
    F'6eeee3, Kl shay F'6eee3a F UR photostream=|!!!!!!
    When i Just Press Ur Icon to see Ur photostream
    I started to Breathless =|
    & when i see Ur last Photo OMG =|
    I wanna write a long Comment about al.shot, Express my feeling
    Bs walla shay Ye6l3 =|

    Keep it always IMPROVING ;)
    Don't Ever Put the Camera Down (Y)"

    December 24th, 2008

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    __Aysha says:

    Ayaaaah 3alh swrch tjaaaaaann mn galb ,
    wajed ahb stiylch falh ya faalllh enty =D ..

    babooog stiylch walh falh mn galb .
    ahm shy elsteef wajed helw plass elcolors so
    WOW .. !!!

    Big WOOOOOOOOOOOW @@ . !!
    well done sweaty ..

    Your sis ..
    A.H.S Al-thani"

    November 15th, 2008

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    AyshM says:

    "i love u
    BRB ;***************************"

    October 17th, 2008

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    dramatic weather says:

    "Zenat El3ain
    wallah it's has been a week o ymekn akther i opened that box that i'm writing in a7en and write zenat el3ain o my brain just stop working wallah b9e7 mdry shktb wala shktb :"(

    seriously she is such an unique person in my life.. for the moment i saw her photostream in flickr or even before that when klygror talks about her i was like aww she seem so cool
    and OMG OMG i was so wrong

    COOL showe 3leyah wallah heyah al3thab al7ye ;Pp
    b3den when i started watching ur photostrem i said omg she is so adorable and when u commented on my pics omg wallah al3'9em i feel like crying a7s tktben klam i don't deserve it at all :"((
    you made my days with ur amazing beautiful sportive comment :"((
    and omg the day u wrote the testimonial 5la9 i cried seriously i did mn al wnasah and how that is there someone SWEET and adorable like you in this world.. you made me soo happy that day.. that i kept reading it over and over and it just made me feel so Happy 7g snah gdam ;Pp

    and OH MMY GODDD the day i saw you was the best day ever you are so CUTTTTE and ADORABLE 7bebtie inty wallah
    loved kl she2 fich loved ur style to death omg wallah i LOVE YOUU
    kan a7lah yeom fe 7aytie
    and aaaaahhhhh wean u gave me my weading card 5la9 aldm3ah btnzel etha ma-nzelt wallah a7bich a7lah weading card ever fdeeeat 56eeeeby wallah love him :""(((((( at3thb fe 7aytie mn '3yerah

    and aaahhh god her amazing photostream one of my best photostreams ever that girl is talented mashallah loved every single shot ypu have got klhom klhom kfyah that u captured it 5la9 ana a7b al shot gbel la ashofah and ohhh her amazing colorful edit seriously one of the best editing her in flickr ..

    ana wallah a7bich lllabed al m2beed (K)"

    October 14th, 2008

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    Aisha Big` says:

    "Zenat el3ain..

    amm, Idon't know you in person, but I guess you're so kind..
    about your photography, I really love the rainbow shoot!
    you got talented in editing, it make the photos more beautiful!
    I also love the focous in ur shoots.. :D

    Good Luck sis.. :D

    October 2nd, 2008

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    H.B.A says:

    "Zenat El3ain :'OOO
    A55555 mashaaaaaaaaaalaaa 3laaaaaaaaaaaaaaich
    walaaaa ench fnaaaaaaanaaaaa F klshhhhhy
    waaaajd 7llllllw Ur styleeeeee waaajd w iledddddit f'9eeee3
    w ur Piiiiiic'z 5yaaaaal waalaaa specially il CONVERSE w klshyyyy feeeeeh shoes :p!
    ana klll youm amrr 3ala uuur Fliiiiiiickr waaajd astaaans lma achooof ur pic a7ssssshaaa WOOOOOOOW !!
    Walllaa ur Talentedddddd Mn 8lb allaaaah y7f'9ch Fdaaitch
    w maaaa ansaaa ur waaaay fel.Titleeeee y5y waalaaa enty shhhhhy 3jeeeeeb :p 9j ana ma3rfch y3ny ma3rf ur personalty bssss suuuuure Btkooon v.kind :p

    God Bleeeess u Hun. =*"

    September 5th, 2008

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    Nouf` says:

    "zainoooo ,,
    shno agool oO shno a5lee 3nech ,,
    wallaa you are so sweet,,
    sh59eetech ,,
    kel shai feech rw3aa wallaa,,
    kfaiaa 6eebtech =**
    ana ma aloom aii a7ad law y7bech akthar mn nfsaa b3ad =D ,,
    allaa ywafgech inshallaaa =*

    your pics ;
    6b3an intyy stylech kelaaa 3jeeeb al9war oO aledit oO kel shai fan X fan ,, =D ,,

    (L) ,,

    Good luck sweety =D

    Princess MaloOoka"

    August 27th, 2008

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    looky ; RemiX says:

    first of all, i really like her photostream, secondly
    she is sooo sweeet and sooo adorable ;D
    ww shsmh her photostream is 100% the bessttt :''') mashalla
    a7sss she've got a special photostream
    nt like others just upload anything, she seem to really care
    ww shsmh her birthday planing and shoots, belive they r the best :D
    evry time i entre her photostream i stay like "mashalla..mashalla etc." XD
    w about the nick name "birthday planer"
    i 100000000000000% agreee
    she really makes the birthday girls feel that its there day
    wisshhh u all theee best in photography & birthdays planing X'**

    yours faithfuly :
    LOOKY *Qtr"

    August 12th, 2008

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    giant destruction says:

    "Zenat El3ain
    your flickr Ta76eem mshalla ;)
    really i love your flickr waaied ;P
    T9werch mshallah ma3leeh klam
    raw3a bm3na alklama ;P
    i love your edit allot
    & ideas too =D
    Good luck sweeta (L)
    your sis : Cute Girl (F)"

    August 11th, 2008

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    acidic actor says:

    I'm sooo hyper today!!
    So gilt I'll surprise you when you come back min il sfr and write you a testi :O
    HEY YO WUZZUP lil znzniya !!
    first of all, I'm gonna warn you you're gonna see some weeeiiiirrrd
    &$#% in this testi xD
    ZNZN as a person :O, talk about the WORLDS best surpriser, and you're the FIRST one who comes to my mind
    you allllwaaaysss manage to put a huuuge smile on friends faces and get them all teary and emotional xD
    you totally RULE at birthdays, I mean just looking at ur birthday shots makes me extremely emotional :O
    seriously, i'm sooo in love with the way you surprise people and make them all excited and make them feel IMPORTANT on their big day :|
    as soon as I joined flickr, your account was on my TOP 10 FAVE accounts here -0-
    walla I just flicked through it and it was like "love at first sight"
    EVERY single shot, and every single edit and every single model deserves A MILLION FAVES from me and everyone here in flickr
    you'r hard work pays off when you see all the HAPPY LONG HYPER COMMENTS that you get from your friends and family here in flickr
    and if you have a fan club, I'd be the FIRRRSSSTTTT MEMBER !!!
    you'r shots are YOU
    they just reflect your loving caring funny personality!!!!
    also your descriptions just make me laugh or cry
    I'm soooo sooo soo in love with every single shot of yours and I can't stop faving them !!!!
    I don't know why flickr didn't make something called a DOUBLE FAVE, cause if there was one, I'd ONLY USE IT ON YOUR SHOTS !!!!!
    TRULY AND HONESLY LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos and the way you capture them and the description is just THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE ICING =''
    walla and 9million walla's that I REALLY ASPIRE to be like you!!
    and I really look up to you, as a person and as a photographer and as a friend and as a big sister =''))))
    and your CRAZY HYPER COMMENTs FILL ME WITH JOY and HYPERNESSSSSS just by reading them!! or noticing your comments and faves!
    so I reeeeaaalllllyyyy reallllyyyy thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and i'm really hoping you'll be SOMEONE in the world of photography cause you've always been and always will be a HUGE SOMEONE TO ME :D

    I'm sorry 3ala this EXTREEEMELY BAAAD testi
    I just hope you GET WHAT I"M SAYING !!!
    walla it's alll from the bottom of my dorky geeky punky freaky HEART (L)
    wish you allllllllllllll the best in life =''))))

    Yours Faithfully

    August 16th, 2008

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    Temblelo says:

    "She is ENSANA bm3na el-klma
    Cute ..
    6eeba ..
    ya b5t rb3a feeha ;)
    w talent in photography
    Good luck in your life ( F )"

    August 7th, 2008

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    productive secretary says:

    "zenat el3ain ,,
    zanooo ,, my fave 1
    omg ,, i was planing to wright for u a test since u joined flickr ,,
    o every time agool ,, la la zenoo deserves much more from me ,
    amm ,, ok bas today i will right for u and walllllla u deserve more from me ,, zenat al3ain is 1 of the top qatari photographers here in flickr ,, i always cheak out ur page ,, o every time atfajeni with ur new shots , new ideaz and new way to edit them
    omg ,, i love and adore ur amazing shots
    love ur ideaz ,, ur shots are colours full ,, love that
    mashallllla 3alich ur a creative person ,,
    love ur edit ,, some day u must tell me haw to edit ur shots =P
    love ur editing alot alot alot ,, o love ur shoses ,,
    wallllllllllllla inch fannnnnnnnnana ya zanooooo ,
    wala ba3ad ma3arf shanoo agool ,, ><
    any ways ,, just keep the gd work ,,
    and wish all ur wishes come truth ,,
    from : hopeless
    luuuuuuuuv yaaaaaa"

    August 4th, 2008

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    Glassy Eye™ says:

    "Zenat el3ain
    she has a cute photostream
    and her comments are so sweet too
    i like about her that she loves colors and life ;)
    well i don't really know her but you can
    see from her photostream that she is sweet person
    wish u all the good

    Glassy-eye =D"

    August 3rd, 2008

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    Roudha says:

    "zenat el3ain ..
    i dun really know her in person but what i know about her is that she's very creative her photo's are just so unique i really love them ! i love how simple n creative they are.. she knows how to turn a simple thing into a masterpiece mashallah 3laiha n she's really a source of inspraition to me

    may allah bless you =)

    ~ Regards

    July 28th, 2008

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    beneficial ground says:

    "Zenaaat el3ain !

    ok ok ,, al7eeen a3rf Zenat El3ain akthhhhhrrr :P b3dl hal testii .. ilyy t7t ily knt awl katbtaaa oo hay shy ydeeeed .. Zenooh inty mthl matw83tch chee nshee6aa mashallaah 3alaaiiich ummm Et'97777kkkkknyy swalfch ! Commentatch !!! ooo descriptonatich :P y33nnnyy a7b agraahmmm .. a5aaaf anaa a3eeed il klaaaam ilyy ktabtaaa t7t bsss Zenooh W7daaa 3AJEBAAAAAAAA !!! The3ajebaBint !!!! ;P ! oo rsmatch ilyy klaaa it76eenhm 5lfeeyaa @@ !! aby achooofhmmm !! lt5lenhm 5lfyaaa :P !!! oo ebyn 3alaiiich mb bss FNANA fa ilt9weeer oo IL EDIIIIIIIIIIT bsss b3d fe ilrsm oo iltlweeeenn *_* !! The3ajebaFnanaZenat!!!!!!!!! eee oo ltsween Delete hg flickrchhhh !!! tmyyy okay??? :P !!! laa 9jj okaayy :P !! oo Ana cheft-haaa mara w7daaaaa bss ! oo stanst 3alihaaa abeee achofhaa kl yoummmm b3d xD !!! looooooooooooooool okay adry ina halsalfa dasha 3r'9 bs 25ty al7eeen kl matgoool APIOOOOUUD at--thkrchhh :P looool ! oo bss !! o akeeed hal testii kl sh-hr bt'3yyyyyr :P madry laish :P The3ajebaFnanaZenat :P
    Its timmmmeee to edit that testi !!! because i just wrote 5 lines thats not enough for ZenoOoH !! Okay soo To start .. Bonjoour :P ana ma3arfhaaa bs ya3ny akeeeeeeed 6al3a 3ala bnat 5alt-ha :* Now How howww can i explain her personality??!!! Falllaaaaahh ! 3ajeeeeeeebbbaaa !! ZenoOoH is a person you would like to be with 24/7 ! SHE is FUN to beee with !! out of her shots, descriptions, comments I knoooowww she is a loveeellyyy person a kind person a funny person! I reallllyyyy LOVE her comments they are sooooooooooooo fuuuunn to reaaad !! especially when she is the first Whahahahahaai :P ! Kolololololoooooessshhhhh :P ! ZenoOoh is one of the ACTIVE girls in Flickr !! * mashallah *! I reaaalllyy want to meeet her but i didnt last time :'(! same thing with BanBan and el jooj :( ! I just love that girl! And i would really really really like to hang out with her (6) that will bee fuuun lol Wahahahhaaaaaahahii :P Now okay .. Zenat El3ain aka the BEST EDITOR !!!! Her edit is SOOOO GOOOOODDDD !!! okay not only good but MORE THAN GOOD !! ITS PERFECT !! U knowww how much i love your edit ! especially when you edit the sky color !! and how you make it as a paper !!! Ah SO GOOD !! Neeexxxt time you have to teach me how :P ! Okay now her shots !!! She is one of the creative girls in flickr ive ever seen ! she is colorful! she changes her style everytime and thats good !!! I love her photostream! its fun to look at everydaaay ! even if i look at it EVERYDAY ! i will never get booored ! ooh and i love her titles a loot !! :P !!! and you know whats hard? when i write about someone i like ;)

    U deserve waaay more !!!

    Keep Up The WONDERFUL work !!!
    MzMz ! :D

    The loong so was not making your profile look good lol :P
    Wahahahaaaaahii :P"

    July 26th, 2008

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    * ı[ PΣƋ‎​ЯĻ‎​​Ƌ‎​ ♥ says:

    "[Zenat El3ain]™

    she's so sweet & so lovely girl ..
    i love her waayd =*
    Cant Describe How Much I Love Her ..
    alla y7af'9ha inshalla w y'5aliha lee first xp w lli y7bonha
    3an el flickr
    mashalla mashalla mashalla el shoot's raww3a walla XD
    love !t all ..
    [[ fnana ]] bm3na el kalima XD

    loolita =D"

    July 25th, 2008

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    honorable canvas says:

    very friendly and lovable person :) i love how you process your photos. Your gallery is so adorable and colorful. Really an awesome photographer. oh and, You make the cutest kids portraits :D Mashallah. Keep it up zenoo

    and thanks for supporting me all the time :D"

    June 30th, 2008

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    i-maha says:

    "[ Zenat El3ain ]™
    She is so sweet
    She is so kind too
    Her shots are Perfect
    Also she is one of my best photography on Flickr
    Her photos & her ideas are really WOOOW !!
    Most of her photos in my FAV =Pp
    Hope 2 C you somthin' at photography on day !!
    Well done sweeta & Keep goin' never stope (Y)

    [ Miss Loading™ * L o a d i n g e y a*]"

    June 21st, 2008

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    Ghadagraphy ♥ says:

    "[ Zenat El3ain ]™

    A person that I'm proud to know ,
    It's an honor to know you Zenooh :* ,
    a very sweet girl with a humble personality ,
    plus I love her red converse :P .

    About her photography ,
    she is a colorful artist ,
    she plays with colors and form the best shots ever ! *masha'allah*

    I'll miss you so much next year , but we'll meet in the university in sha'allah :)

    Good luck in G12 :)


    Girl in Purple (a)"

    June 14th, 2008

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    Amouniyh-[PureHeαrt] says:

    "Znznnnnnnnn :**
    shagoooool oo sha5ly 3aaan hal bnoota il 7lowa
    she is so cuuuuute and lovely and 6ybbbbbbbbaaa oo kl shhhhhhy :**
    every body love her me too LOVE her wajeeeed walla she don't know how much I love you sweety (a) mn yoom mashft flikrha 7beetha mn sh59ytha il 7lowa walla tn7b oo ana 7beetha :') mo baas ana a7bha :P klhooooooooom ily fe flickr they love her 8lbha kbeeeeeer oo t7b il kl ,, il 9ra7a law aktb mn liyomm leen bkra mab5l9 :*

    now I will write about her fabulous photography :|
    mashalla 3leeeeeeeeeha oo 8sssssm blla ma3rf shno agool b59oo9 t9weerha ,, fnaaaaaaaaana mobd3aaaaa oo ksshhhhhhy
    Just am in love with her amazing photography il COLOR oo il EDIT oo kl shhhhhy 7low walla (a)
    3jeeeeeeeeeeb 56eeeeeeeeera mra x'D
    oo eee 9aaaa7 b3ad her comments yoooom tkoon il first OMG kaaaaaaaafy 9dmaaaaaaat b7yaty :O :| ,, :Pppp a7b her comment wajeed oo I love to comment her too
    alla y7f'6ch 7beeeeebty oo y5leech :***
    god bless you :')
    your's `.`
    PuPu :**"

    May 15th, 2008

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    glistening toys says:

    "znzn !
    mashalla mashalla 3ala hal bnt !
    a7sch 6ayoooooba oO wayed funny ;P
    ooo 7adch cretive =)
    go ahead girl ;*"

    May 9th, 2008

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    Shei5a says:

    "Zenoo w ma adrak ma Zenoo :P wshda5al xD
    awal shay, 7ad gal lich inee a7bich =**** ?? bas ktha mn allah a7bich =* bas a7b Nayoofee akthar :pPp (L)(L) fdaaaait ely bysafroon w by5aloonee =""(
    btw ana fe L 9af al7een t5aylee :P L abllah allah bil 5air w 7yatich :P
    ohh & a7bich madree itha glt lich bas 9dg a7bich =*** weh imbala glt lich foog :P
    batkalam al7een 3ala 9ee'3at L '3a2b madree L ma'9ee ma3arf shysamoonah :P
    Zenoo 7abeebty hal insana (L)(L) ma3raft'ha ela mn kam shahar oo 3ala 6ool dashat galbee =**
    itjanin oo kl 7ad y7bha oo ely ma y3arfha byt7asaf (L)(L) bas ana akthar wa7da a7bha =**
    inzain oo shsmah ba3ad .. glbha 6ayb bas ma tsam7 bsr3a :pP daloooooo3a :P
    L mhm .. a7b nayoofee ba3ad mb bas hey :P madree shfeeny a3eed L kalam :P L e3ada tfeed L ta2keed :P 3ashan it3arfeen inah al7een 3alay 3araby :Pp oo 9dg mfahia hal abla :P hehhe tsma3nee a'9a'36 3al laptop wala tgool shay :P
    brb laa tsaween apply 7ag L testi bas lanah 6ag L jaras bakaml fe L bait :P
    backkk .. inzain 5al arja3 7ag 9ee'3at L ma'9ee :P adree inah msh 9ee'3at L ma'9ee bas ma3arf shysamoonah :P L mhm :P ta9weerha ywadee L wa7d L 3alam thanee .. 3alam malee2 bil ashya2 L zeeeena :P 9ij yga63neee mn 7alaaah (L) oo her rose shots 9dg TAFJEEERRR alwanhm t6la3 wala fe L a7laaam (L)_(L) a7s 3ndaha 7adee8at ward jameela fe bait'ha nb kthr 9war L ward ely t76hm lne :P akthar L 9war ely a7bha fe flickrha bil ra7a 9war L 7ob L azalee NNNNN (L)(L)(K) mjaaaaninnneee hal walaad (L) hatoooo lee eyaaah (L)(L) oo btw 3alaiha edit yg9 m9areenkm 7aba 7aba mn 7alaaaah (L) :P bismla 3ala m9areenkm :P oo ywadeeekm fe steen alf dahia (L) yaaa roo7i 3alaiha oo 3ala edit'haaa walla (L) :**** ya5iiii a7bccchhh 7adeee oo rabyyyy kl shay feech 7lw .. theee sweetest oo the FUNNIEST X""D mn glb the funniest .. oo a7b agoolch .. kafeee 9admaaattt B 7ayaaaaaaaaattccchh :P adree mb shay ely ktabtah oo tistahlaaain akthaarrr oo raby ma3laiah ism7ee leee :*** lain 7a9alt kalam akthar basawee edit 3ala 6oooolll .. yalllaaa byeee :**** :P"

    March 31st, 2008

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    Τchasty ♥ says:

    i adore yooooooooou
    altwelllla ..amooooot 3alaich ow 3ala swartch
    mashcora 3la al TESTIMONIAL i love it
    ow atithker thak alyooonm lamen kenty tatkalmaen 3la flickr ow
    ana kant atmallal bs alheeeeeen 3raft lysh tatkaliman 3nah sooooooo much ...
    mob 3arfa shagole because know its 6:00 in the morning and i just woke up becaue i want to see what you wrote me and to make the approvel
    love yooooooooou soooooooo much
    ams met mn al6hk 3lych
    atmoooooooten inty
    ow matfayall class bdounach
    ow mabrok 3la alcam
    ary jayah mta5ra bs 3threny
    ow al shooooooooots ely 3ndech
    ybayn ina shad alhel
    ow o m g
    love yoooooou

    seee you my class mate

    March 16th, 2008

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    R.O Mania♥ says:

    "Cuteness !!!
    Love ur Editss Dude !! Am In Love With Em !!

    UniqueOo ..!"

    March 14th, 2008

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    P r e s t i g e ™ says:

    "Zayooooooonoonoo ^_^
    Fdeeeeet'ha sj iny I don't know her well
    Bs wallah tjaninn oO
    ted5aall il galb bsr3a =**

    Her shots OMG
    So amazinnng wallah
    Mashallah 3leeeeeh
    Staylha fl tasoeer waiyd y3jabni ^^,
    oO kl shot a7la mn il thania

    so keep it up,up,up,up,up & up xD
    wish you all the best 7yati

    U r s – P r e s t i g e ™"

    February 15th, 2008

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    *Bellucci says:

    "Zena zena zena ;)
    I mean miss CONVERSE ;P
    emmm what can I say ? ;D
    GOD I don't know what's in you make me in love with ya
    mashallah mashallah 3laich =D
    so creative w love your work so much ,
    I really love to see your photo stream and comments
    love your style and every thing in you is so amazing
    mashallah 3laich tdsheen el.heart without premition ;P
    you are funny and you always draw a smile on my face ;D
    all the Testimonials you have is so long, and I feel like I didn't write a thing
    but I don't know what to say about you ,
    you are the most beutiful soul I've ever saw =)
    well, you are the best ma friend..
    wish ya all of best luck honey
    and see ya soon"

    February 13th, 2008

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    Dlo3a [deleted] says:

    "OMG ='O
    Znzn .. what can I say about you !!
    Ma3rfha .. But ILove Her So Much
    lovely mashallah 3leeha ^^
    ADORE Her .. k7 k7 :P

    about her photography :

    I Like Her Photo
    special the colorful :'O
    I loooooooooooove it :DDD
    Wallah Enha Mbd3a Fnaaaaaaana Mashallah 3leeha
    tf tf < 3nony mb 7ara :Pp
    s59ytha Tn7b Oo Ana 7beetha =Pp
    Oo ILike Her Comment wallah
    tswy 3rs yom tkon el first :P
    whehehi .. fdeetha wallah allah la y7rmny mnha oo la mn commntatha :$
    Allah y5leeha lhla Oo lly y7bonha (K)

    your sis ,,
    DoDo :*"

    February 10th, 2008

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    motionless nest says:

    "*[ Zenat El3ain ]™*

    heeeeeeeyyy hunz ! ;D
    e7mzzz first !
    Lsn lsn,,, :p ~
    Ppl hal insana wayed 6ybaaa from first taalk 7sait inhaa kuchi o 7booba !! -k-
    Mashalah 3leach sweety love ur shots wayed i waz just looking at ur pages from 1 to 6 OMG they are so amazing mashalah fnana !
    Loved ur cute cupcaaaakes ! i wz jst dreamn iny i just hav on bite :$ lool o b3ad aba at3lm elmshklah ana mb wayh 6ab5 xD
    o loved ur shots great ideas so creative ! and ur editing mashalah Puuuuuuurrfect xD
    loooove all ur pixxx
    iLL always be waiting for new ! ;D
    great work,,, well done !

    urs - 6rr6r -k-

    keep n touch !
    t.C (F)"

    February 9th, 2008

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    noory.☆ says:

    "[ ZenoOh ]
    could anybody think that i can write or talk about how she's specail to me ?? I bet NOT =P !
    OMG X'( i can't say anything becuse i know you deserve more than anything ='| !
    Zenoh ; is the kindest girl i've ever seen in my hole wide world ,,I love her photography el3athaaaab (L) ;P
    nd Of course I love her 2 deeeeath nd she's a true friend (L)
    I never 4get the day's that she standed by me nd she never let anyone do or say somthin' wrong about me nd even if i did somethin' wrong she tells me not 2 do it nd thats what a real friend is that stand's with u when u're happy nd when u're sad =')
    I also remember last year nd what she did 4 my birthday X'( oooh GOD if i counted the thing's that she did 2 me i wont finish !
    wallah i wish that we were still @ the same schoOl V_V sometimes i remember her nd i cant imagine walking around nd never see her infront of me X'( but were still best friend's nd fare away frome our space but in our heart we R face 2 face (L) =') !
    If you turn around the earth you will never ever find a FRIEND like her nd i hope i never lose u no matter what happen's nd I'll never 4get any moment we spent 2gether since 8th grade ='( !
    ND the two week's we spent at "ELDAR" ='| (L) they were the most happiest day's in ma life and i felt that we were 2gether again at the same place coz i missed spending ma time with u ='(
    oO oldonya ma26oO3a =PP XD !
    nd surely it isnt the last time .
    Wallah I LOOOOOOOOVE YOOOU zenooooooh X'( (L)!
    nd we will aways be BFF { fe alsara2 wa al'9araa2 ;P } =')
    You deserve More 7ayaty (K) (L)
    { oO shlon madry keef ro7en fe roO7 ma kint a9adeg b2ndmajik ya alrwaa7 =') }"

    February 9th, 2008

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    calm basketball says:


    OMG XD
    finally i'm writting u a testmonial!
    just SMILE :P ! cuz i often write testmonials
    i only write to the ones i love (L)!
    fd8ch zeenoh *_*!
    i can't imagine my life without u !
    i can't imagine how did i go to skool b4 i knew u!
    last year shloon chee i ddnt know u =\ !!
    thank god a3arfech al7eeen..
    Ur one of a kind
    ur soooo sweeeet!
    wallah ur sweet to everyone! u always make me smile
    ya idiot enti :P o rabbi i LOVE u !
    3jeeeebbba enti!
    i cud talk about u forever!
    and whenever there's a birthday! u make it special
    u know how to make a person feels special!
    thanks for all wat u've done in my birthday
    ta3abtech :( !
    wallah u ddnt have to
    it means THE WORLD to me!
    u maddde my whole year!! :D
    thanks alot!
    and sorry l2ni 8a63a :( bs enshallah i'll make it up to u ;) !

    oops i have to talk about ur fotostream
    i'm confused ;P i still wanna write about u -_- !
    ur a sweeet girl , talkative , funny , fun to be around , social , and blah !
    ur not BLAH :p ! blah is written above as (etc)
    fd8888ch i (L) U !

    ok now i'll start talkin about here
    cuz u know when it comes to expressing feelings i SUCK ! X(
    Ur fotostream is amaizing!
    u've improved ALOT since u first signed in flickr
    ur editing is amaizing , ur shot totally rocks
    keep on fotoshoting! t9weerech 3jeeeb
    i lovvve it
    & ur commments XD lol they're amaizing they always make me laugh
    cuz ur always like MSHTA6A =\ o msawia 3ers X) ! bs waied tjamleen tra :P !
    hehehe a7eeen bt39been 3lai X) !
    I LOVE U!
    friend foreva
    eva eva eva evvvva (8)

    yours truly&faithfuly ;) :

    P.S : whenever i feel like writting, i'm gonna edit the test."

    January 29th, 2008

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    didactic chance says:

    "Miss Zenat lol this girl is so 3ajeeba ;) btw you remind me of bandi :P :*
    y3ni if you do that's mean inna you're special ;)
    you're comments are the best ;) and i feel that's you're always meshta6a o mestana dont know why :P love you :*
    i love your photostream specially the photoshoped picture walla you did a great job with them ;) mashalla 3alaich , keep it up love ;**

    Yours' : S.M. ;*"

    January 28th, 2008

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    ًWeda3eah* says:

    "mmmm what can i say about aldooopaaa

    mmm mashalla 3leeeha 5ateeera

    like her eddite

    also i like her shots

    oo mashalla she have an amaizin adeas

    bi5ti9ar mashalla 3leeha fanaaanaaa


    UR SIS
    WaDoOo3aH ^_^"

    January 22nd, 2008

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    nutty crate says:

    "Fdiiiiiiiiiiit.ha ana =*
    7abibti wallahe i luv her mn galb =P
    even we don know each other well but she's cute
    kind, lovely, 7abobh w et.habeeel
    yarabi 3liha walla el kalam shway fe 7agich cuz u are more than that
    w you have the purest heart i had ever seen before
    rabi y7f'6hch w y5lich 7agna =***
    w you have a great photostream w your shots and ideas are amazing
    i have alot thing to say bas mabi a6wl 3lich
    w mo 3arfh a3br =$

    luvich dobba =****"

    January 16th, 2008

  • view profile

    Orangeya says:

    "Zenat eL3ain; What Can I Say About You.. You are Supportive, Sweet, Honest, Loveable, Always There when ever needed, And Such a Caring Person.
    I will never forget what u did to me when I was so bored laying on my bed sick !
    You Were THERE ! .. I mean U were supporting Me ! And U cared about me ! sending me the name of the medicine hahaha walah a7bchhhhhh mashkooora =')))..
    You Always Always Make the ppl around you smile and laugh Cuz u really care about them ! I mean thank you for being that person :O ! ..
    I'm Sure That Everyone Wants To Thank You As Much As They Can, But they don’t know how too ! .. Thank You .. Thank You For being Who You Are, Thank You For Being So Supportive ! Thank You For Loving Us…
    About Your photography skills, Man Your improving masha'alah 3leich the past few shots are just amazing and breath taking You make so proud walah ='D !
    Don’t Stop Here, And Continue On; I'm supporting you till for ever !
    Thanks For EveryThing Walah .. I Love you My Lil Sista (K),,

    January 13th, 2008

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    uncovered hope says:

    "[ zεήάτ εℓ3αιη ]™
    zenat el3ain
    zenat el3ain
    when I see this name or actually when i read it xP
    my mouth just starts drawing a s BIG BIG BIG smile : D ..
    ...... eshraych fee elta3beeer :P
    really really
    i'm in LOVE with this FANTASTIC gurl (L)
    I really really love her sweet sweet personality :*
    mashallah 3aleech allah ye7fe6'ech ..
    u are soooo ADORABLE
    ya3neee I don't remember I love a gurl as fast as i loved u ..
    rabiii e5aleech leee ya raaaaab :** :""D

    'nd about your photostream ..
    mashallah you've got the talent
    you are so creative at getting new ideas !
    and you're really improving day by day !! :D
    inshallah we both become PRO photographers :P
    yaaah you're so creative at getting ideas for birthdays ;P
    u know .. :D
    love u .
    sorry for the simple testi.
    u deserve more :*"

    December 30th, 2007

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    acidic camp says:

    "znzoooooon 7abeeeeebtii =P (L)
    WALLA you are one of the best ppl i've met !!
    Im speeeeechless hay elshasy el bad elly feene -_- !!
    wallah you r sweet , funny, kind, friendly, lovely, adorable , pretty, wonderful ...etc !!!!!
    walla i know eny m8a9raaa o ma a3arf shgool lech !!
    walla thnxx for the dedication =*
    and for helping me fe wayed ashya2
    and thnx 3al 7alawyaaat XD =P !!
    o thnxx 3ala everything
    thnx god i met a girl like u !
    walla u always make me happy ... =)
    ma a3arf a3aber .. !!
    ma a9adeg enah ba3ad 2 years 5ala9 i'll not see u ='( !!
    Good luck sweetie ..

    LUV U Till Death =')

    November 5th, 2007

  • view profile

    concerned stone says:

    "i told u before that it's so hard to translate my feelings into words..
    bs 8lt.. 3l l8al b5aly ly "thkra" in flickr !! =P
    5laa9 im in your life my twin..! xD

    well, actually zεήάτ εℓ3αιη is a twin of my heart.. we SHARE alot of things.. omg !! s7r wallah elli bainnah xD 8mt a5af mnich !! maybe you 're my real twin !! obaih =P
    anyways.. i LUV your shots & designs .. they're more than perfect ..
    wo kll shay mnich 6al3 3laich >> 7lw ^_^

    luvich my twin =*


    November 1st, 2007

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    і ♥ ме™ :'( says:

    "[ zεήάτ εℓ3αιη ]™ QTR ( So Buzi )

    shagool 3anha although i dont know
    her bas iam soo inlove with the photoz
    in her photostream it iz simply amazing
    o raw3a (Y) o beautiful o 5a6er o kash5a
    LOL o eye catching o creative o colourful
    i just wannna FAV each and every shot hahaha
    mashalla 3alech sis walla abd3ati fe every
    shot that u took keep up the amazing work
    o inshalla nshof more lovely shot 7abibti
    takecare allah ye7fa'9ch =D"

    October 18th, 2007

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    accessible talk says:

    "هـمممممم ..!!
    مـا اعرف شو اقــول عنــج ،،
    انتي انسـانـه الي مـا يعرفــج اعتبره هب عايش بالعـالـم .?
    اموووووت فيــج احلى واعز واغـلى بنت خالة عنـدي
    الله لايحرمنـا منج
    وسانكس سـو -- ع كلمـة وحشتيــني الي اموت فيه لين تطــتلع منــج (L)
    فـــــديتـــج والله
    وبــس مــاعرف شو اقــول عنج والله"

    October 7th, 2007

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    first manner says:

    "i rght for you again and again loool =Pp
    walla ua zenoooooh amooot fecch
    a7la boooosah 7ag ily 3arfny 3liccch feditah Oo fediteech walla ;D
    luuuuuv you sooooo much ya 7yati (k)(k)
    you have gr8 personlity
    sooo funny
    sooo sweet
    ya glaby inty (L)(L)
    aboout your pix
    ebdaaaaaaaa3 mob 6abeeeee3y :| walla
    in luv with your photostream
    walla i know from i year almoost
    it waas the gr8est year walla :D
    your's [ MISs DOo7a]"

    September 16th, 2007

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    deafening dinosaurs says:

    فكرت اكتب لج بالانجلش
    بس بالعربي احسن اعبر على راحتي
    ماعندهم الانجليز مصطلحات كثر العرب

    زينووووووه (L)
    فديتها والله
    هالبنت حاقه مش طبيعيه خالص
    مع ان توني اعرفها
    بس كني اعرفها من سنين
    اف عجيبه والله
    اموووت عليها وعلى سوالفها الحلوة
    مشاء الله عليها شخصيتها تنحب بسرعه وتدخل القلب على طول
    واحلى شي يوم تقول
    لاحظتي :P
    لوووول .. حبيت الكلمه بسبتها

    وتصويرها يتطور يوم بعد يوم
    مشاء الله صايره هاليومين فنانه :*
    ويارب دوم هالابداعات

    والكومنتس الي تحطهم مالهم حل والله
    عرس يصير
    واحلى عرس بعد ;)

    والله يخليج لي ويخليني لج
    lovch (K) (F)"

    August 26th, 2007

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    ~♥ Mademoiselle 5oo5a ♥~ says:

    "[ zεήάτ εℓ3αιη ]

    fdait.ha :D shez

    3nda unique taste ^_^ and i like her photos

    wish u all the best in ur life 7beeeebtee (F)

    Allah y7af6'ch *hugz*


    ~ ♥.5.ö.ö.5.α.♥ ~"

    August 24th, 2007

  • view profile

    @Memefull says:

    "Zeeeeenoh =") ..

    You're more than a friend to me! =)
    I cant realy show you how much special you are =( ..
    I can only say how much I'm REALY lucky that you're my friend ..

    E3laaaan to Flickr!! xD

    wallah fedait your handwriting elli I used to a8ledha but never works out m3ai =p ..
    oO your smiiile elli et5aaaali EVERYONE around yebtasmOon weyaach b3d ="D !!
    oO I can NEVER forget hooow muuch kent ashred weyaach oO nel3b with water =P ..
    kel yooom lenaa 7alaah at claass oO br3 xP !!

    wallah u are special !! I know I said it twiiice !! bss truly you will never know how much =") ..
    I Miss you BADLY oO I TRULY hope we will stay Best Buds 'till the end of tiime =D !!
    Wuvv you SO MUCH =*** ..

    Memefull =")"

    August 19th, 2007

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    [ ----------- ] says:

    "what can i say about zenat el3ain!
    well she's like the sweetest person on flickr!
    Really she's so sweet,,
    and that's the greatest thing a person can have =)
    i just love reading her very pleasing and very sweet comments =***
    and when it comes to her photography
    she's just so great at it!!
    every photo uploaded has a meaning =)
    and she's really good at editting pictures ^^
    i would just like to say keep up the great work sweety,,
    and allah ewafgich in your life =D
    your sister,,
    miss cool =*"

    August 15th, 2007

  • view profile

    entertaining sugar says:

    "ammmmmm what can i saaay about her
    sheeeee is trully the beest girl i ever meet
    shee is funny and kind sweet
    keel al9efaat al7elwa fiech
    fedatich walla i luv u sooo much
    laa ella amoooot fiech (k)
    Oo amwaaaa7 ^.^
    3sa alla la yfaregnaaa
    oo hay ehd2 lach
    a7bik mooot ana w a7yaa ktheeer ma a7eeb ana thaty
    w meen shar w balla eldenya
    3liky kaam ana a7aaty
    l2nk peace of me =p
    w ma yswaak 3ndy insan ana le el yoooum
    a7es any hathak al moo'3ram alwalhaan
    fedatich walla luv u
    w love your pix
    from your friend miss doO7a"

    July 8th, 2007

  • view profile

    entertaining income says:


    July 3rd, 2007

  • view profile

    [ البندري // ♥ QTR says:

    "Zin Zin ...adl3ch ya3ni xP
    ZeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ 7aabibt galby mn jwaaa =D
    one of my favorite cousinz ever =D
    That girl is so CUTE I love her so much >.<
    Ahhh we share lots of amazing memories =’)
    A777b aroo7 bait’hm =P etha knt mtmllah a7b amllha m3ay xP
    Nst3b6 3ab6 OMG mafee mnah!!
    Astans leen shft’ha t’67k..ma3rf leesh a7s am happy etha ebtsmt..ymkn bsmt’ha feeha s7r =o
    She is talented in many things mashallah 3aleeha..
    Shes a hard worker all the family hang big hops on her ya dktortnaaaaaa =D
    fnana mn galb and styliiiish ;D
    Zeeez is a big huge girly lha 7rkat 3ajeeba =D
    Ummm ymkn ana maglt lch this before..but if I was a boy chan 5i6abtch xD
    U know ana daymn afkr if I was a boy shloon btkoon 7yati so a7s eni bkoon ‘3aby law ma7beetch ..3ad mayndra btr’6een fene wla la2 hehehehe xP
    Anzeen 5al askt now cuz ba5oorah o bajeeb el3eed =x
    Looool wallah ma3rf shno agool elklam maykfy 7agch ya n3ya =’D
    3sa allah layfrgnaaa dude..allah ywafgch fe 7yatch o ya36eech elrjal el9al7 ele y7bch o yra7ch ;D bs 3la shar6 maykoon a7la mnch =P
    love u to death =***
    ur sis albandri .."

    July 3rd, 2007

  • view profile

    emy, says:

    "zenat el3ain she's a true friend in every sense of the word!This girl is almost PERFECT i luv her to death wat i really like about her that she's always there for you when you need her she's always there for her freinds and seems to know the best ways to cheer you up she's the best wallah xD

    plus she've got an amazing font if u like mine than im crazy about urs xD ur so talnted wallah and im sure that ur photostream well amaze everyone ;)

    missed you 7ayatii :*
    wish u all the best
    Oo luv u to death"

    July 2nd, 2007

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