The "older" I get as a photographer, the less I feel compelled to say outside of pictures. But here are a few things:

I like dancing... or rather I like motion, but I am not a good dancer. So I look for choreography in my images instead...whatever that means.

I like dreaming too, when I am not thinking too much.

I used to learn everything I could to make my photos as technically perfect as possible. These days I find myself going out of my way to mess them up a tad.

Color outside the lines.

I love film. What greater reason do I need than that?

Experience and knowledge are fine companions, but I am quite fond of chance and serendipity too.

My day job is at a camera store. It's one of the most awesome jobs I could have. If you get tired of internet stalking me, I can be found most days of the week at Blue Moon Camera in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.

Speaking of internet stalking, I can be found on my personal website: as well as Facebook.

Also if you would really like, please peruse my books. Perhaps even buy one. I promise that the proceeds will go toward the making of more photography.

Eiffel 7x7 by Zeb Andrew

Bridgetown by Zeb Andrews

at petal's edge: the secret lives of flowers by Zeb Andrews

Sand by Zeb Andrews

The St. Johns Bridge by Zeb Andrews

I also lead several workshops every year through The Newspace Center for Photography

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    ThePetor says:

    "Zeb is king ______ of ______ Mountain....and a master yogurt thief to boot. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have apply my lip balm or feed me Tums."

    16th January, 2012

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    Tanner Volz says:

    "Zeb is ridiculously gifted and a seriously nice dude to boot."

    29th March, 2011

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    Larissa84* says:

    "Zeb is the kind of photographer who inspires me and others to try new things. His photos are not only stunning in their own way, but creative and inspiring. His captions are always full of helpful tips, wise lessons to be learned and fun little stories. Zeb is quite the guy and every time I have the pleasure to go out shooting with him, I learn something new and exciting. He has wonderful insights and is enjoyable company to be around. I was so excited when I learned how to set my timer for long exposure star trails… I’m really looking forward to summer and trying it out again.

    Zeb has this way of seeing the world from different angles and in different ways. He is a master of the art and I look forward to more photograph postings, classes and lessons in the future. Thank you Zeb for being a real inspiration and a great guy!"

    13th January, 2011

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    Blue Mitchell says:


    11th July, 2010

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    chaybert (Brian Rueb) says:

    "Zeb is one of my favorite photographers, not just on flickr. The fact he's constantly with a camera has developed his sense of seeing to another level. I can always rely on his photography to educate me on different film types, as well as the philosophy of photography...and when you can be educated, enlightend, and left going "wow, I never thought about that before..."...well, that's something worth checking
    into often. And Zeb is a heck of a nice guy to boot.

    I look forward to Zeb's photos, philosophy, and hopefully going out photographing some day."

    14th July, 2008

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    time for a new beginning says:

    "Every time I think I've seen the best Zeb's ever made, he uploads something even better. Every upload makes my jaw drop all over again..."

    8th May, 2008

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    bnzai9 says:

    "People like Zeb are what make flickr such a great resource. Here you have access to a true artist, one who combines technical proficiency with an amazing eye for beauty. What's even greater is that he is very generous and always a teacher, lending helpful advice to strangers. Thanks Zeb and keep up the good work."

    25th March, 2008

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    djsoren says:

    "Many people understand their camera well enough to make good photos. Zeb seems to have cameras understand HIM. Each camera he uses finds a way to express Zeb's own photographic vision. His photostream is filled with beautiful landscapes and the occasional compelling portrait."

    15th December, 2007

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    jasontheaker says:

    "I feel zeb is a friend even though I don’t really know him. He has a warmth and honesty that I like and I truly feel that I have lots in common with him even though he is on the other side of the world... ho his images are imaginative, creative and a true inspiration. He is one of those shining lights in life...a good guy!"

    25th November, 2007

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    inger klekacz says:

    "Zeb and i were destined to be friends. which is lucky for me, because if it weren't for my friendship with him, i'd be a helluva lot dumber when it comes to technique.

    the man is a paragon of persistence and photographic flexibility. whenever i'm out of my comfort zone or bored with the way i'm shooting, i try to channel just a little Zeb. and voila. something new. and usually better than what i was doing before."

    19th October, 2007

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    Scott Reither says:

    "I find myself continually coming back to view your work. You have a distinct aesthetic that many photographers never find. Your images are not only beautiful but connect with the viewer on an emotional level which is key for a successful photograph. Much of your work also reminds the many that it is not about fancy cameras and expensive glass, but about creative vision and the artists eye. Love your work!"

    27th July, 2007

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    ScarletFaerie (K. Wood Photography) says:

    "Zeb is a real inspiration to me. He creates atmospheric eye candy for the soul, he captures the beauty of the Pacific Northwest so well. I look forward to every image he posts, keep up the great work!"

    18th June, 2007

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    Ar'alani says:

    "I love Zeb's photos. They're so completely unique, but tied together by that uniqueness to make a definite, inscrutable style that is simply fabulous. I fell in love with his photostream through a couple of his Ranier pictures, then found so many other sights to see that I lost sense of time. He goes to many of my favorite places, yet sees them in ways I've never thought of.

    He is also a huge inspiration to Portland's photographers, and a great guy who can be showered with questions and won't complain (sorry, Zeb).

    Thanks for sharing your photos, Zeb. I can't wait to see hundreds more as time goes forward."

    25th February, 2007

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    buzzymt says:

    " If it wasn't for Zeb I don't know if I would have ever found my passion for photography. I grew up around photography, but never took it up. Until I walked into Blue Moon. Jake, Josie, and Zeb all jumped to know my name, and help me out with my endless questions. To this day Zeb's photos and outlook on his art is a great influence on me. Zeb has given me allot of confidence to pursue my photography. I could not thank him enough."

    25th January, 2007

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    [ CK ] says:

    "Zeb sees and captures things most people walk by unoticed. I am a true fan of his pinhole work and It is my pleasure to see the world through his creative vision..."

    23rd January, 2007

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    zachtatum says:

    "Great photos to see here!"

    29th November, 2006

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    manyfires says:

    "It's like this: some people just take pictures to record a scene as it is. Some people take them to reveal to others that moment in its fullest. And then there are those that show us a moment or a scene that was there all along, but that was not visible except through the working of our imaginations. This is what Zeb does. It's like he's writing books, entire short stories and novels about these gorgeous places and moments that we wouldn't otherwise have known were there, except through his vision and photos. In short, Zeb's photography is eye-opening, exciting and incredibly inspiring. And, personally, I thank him greatly for it."

    24th September, 2006

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    jah~ says:

    "I noticed Zeb's stream almost immediately after he became a member. I can remember thinking, 'wow, this is something different and unique!' Ever since I've been admiring his wonderful pinhole and inverted lens creations. In addition to being a very gifted and technically accomplished photographer, his commentary is always enlightening, whether it be on his or your stream.

    Thanks Z for all the inspiration and knowledge you have shared. You are a great asset to Flickr and It is a pleasure to know you!"

    21st August, 2006

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    SheffieldStar says:

    "A highly precisive camera eye. Z.s picture 'The Tower" is a classic. Willing to spend time thinking about a shot. Understands motion across the plate. Produces great images."

    13th July, 2006

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