Hey everyone,

I'm a 24 year old geology student at the Colorado School of Mines, I have an internship set up for summer '13 with Oxy Oil and Gas in Bakersfield, CA; after all, the plastic used for legos is a petroleum product. Most of the things i'll make will be sci-fi related but I might create some random things from time to time. I have a relatively small, but ever growing, lego collection compared to most serious builders and my camera isn't the best for taking high quality lego pics but you can see if you like what i have. I guess you could call me a "purist", I don't use pieces from brick forge or anything (not that I have anything against it, i just don't care much for dressing up my minifigs), however i might use some LEDs in the future. As always i like to know what you think about my creations, even if you think it sucks. If you want to talk about anything you can email me at zhouston@mines.edu. At this time I don't really have time to do commissions or make instructions for any of my models.

My only goal right now is to eventually make a SHIP. It might not happen for a while, so i'm not too serious about it.

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Zane Houston
January 2010
Evergreen, Colorado
Golden, Colorado, United States
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