The first part of my life started and finished in a tiny grey town near Moscow, Russia. That's the place where my journey in photography began. I bought my first camera somewhere around 2005, but before that happened I used to imagine taking pictures with my imaginary camera and storing them in my own memory. Those were beautiful pictures, shame I can't show them here.


I'm spending the second part of my life with my husband and my cat in a fantastic country called Montenegro. The place is so strikingly beautiful that the only challenge here is to see the most beautiful things among those which are just beautiful.


I love taking pictures but hate learning about new gadgets and other equipment.


I dislike a lot of my older photos but keep them here because, apparently, everything new always becomes something old and thus disliked up to a point.


I welcome all comments, although I do find those huge sparkling and swirling awards and invitations quite irritating. If you can omit them in your comments I'd appreciate it, if not - I'll survive it.


You can find more photos in my photoblog


My best wishes to you all!


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