I'm a Software Engine—you know what? That's a pretty useless title. I make software. I participate in every stage of it, conception, requirements, design, innovation, architecture, implementation, quality, support, and every other bit.

That's kind of stressful, though. So I try to get out and photograph stuff. I put the results of that here. Sometimes I'm pretty happy with what I make. If you like what I have shared, feel free to add me as a contact or just favorite everything in my stream, you know, whatever works for you. Above all, though, I love to read opinions of my work. It's all art for art's sake here, and viewer replies are the only real payment I ever get.

My primary interests have been difficult to nail down. I'd say the #1 draw for my creative application of photography is the nebulous and broad genre of "crap people have made and or did here" or perhaps something on the same axis as "manufactured landscapes" a la Burtynsky but with a much broader range and not always with the same kind of social commentary undertones. I'll happily make an image out of a rust pipe erupted through a sidewalk or a landscape defined by nature and man in concert. I would love to shoot some junkyards or something, but, I don't quite have Burtynsky's contacts or sensibilities about such things yet.

Whatever the case, enjoy yourself.

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Zachery Jensen
December 2006
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, USA
I am:
Sr. Software Engineer