"and this great blue world of ours

seems a house of leaves.


moments before the winds..."


Watcher. Listener. Observer.

Flickr and online imaging veteran.

Old school blogger.

Tech team lead at day.

Dark music, literature, movies addict at night.

And a lot more.

Started out using a lot of scan and GNU Image Manipulation Program,

now mostly taking snapshots all along the way.

Looking for silence in moments.



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I am so in awe of Kawazu's work. I love every single one of his photos, and almost any one of them could easily be a fave. I so love his daring use of color and he has an amazing eye. He truly knows how to capture the beauty in the often mundane...

December 6, 2006
Heartbreaking Curtain (deleted)

heading that way myself, it was a great reliefe to find 'kawazu's' pictures, I will look slowly and I will learn.

November 11, 2006