Intellectually curious. Ardent, lifelong photographer. Audiophile and cinephile. Other descriptions, both flattering and not, followed me throughout my life and my professional career in Information Technology and Services. However, these three are the ones by which I hope others will remember me.


It all started with using the family's Kodak camera during childhood vacations. After an older brother allowed me to use his new 35mm camera to record a high school event, a passion for making images on film was born. A stint as a photographer and eventually photo editor for a college newspaper deepened this passion. The rest, as somebody once said, is history.


Photography is my preferred tool for seeing and recording the world around us all. By contemplating the events or objects before my lens, I obtain some clarity and understanding of the subject before pressing the shutter release. Inevitable editing allows further reflection on the mental and emotional states met during this process. Hopefully, the viewer discerns some of this when viewing the result.


Most of my photographs are transparencies (slide film). I still have a medium format film camera. I hardly use it since adopting a digital photography and processing workflow late in 2007. I retired several years later, which allowed me to concentrate on digitizing the more recent slides and negatives made during more than fifty years of shooting film.


Photography will always be my passion. Recent advances in digital processing and machine learning (also known as artificial intelligence) bring new energy to this passion. Those advances allow me to explore new ways to view and display my imagery.




The documentation behind the technical aspects of lighting and photography, and film and digital processing, is extensive and replete with physics and mathematics. This reliance on math leads us to the first part of explaining why I chose "Z-Imagery" for the name of my Website.


I remembered that there is a symbol in math known as a double-struck Z. It stands for a ring of integer numbers usually displayed as -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3. The similarity of these numbers to a range of exposures in photography is why I adopted a stylized double-struck "Z" for my logo.


An affinity for words is an aspect of my life well-known in my family. The dictionaries I use most often define imagery as both visually descriptive language and a collection of visual images. So, it occurred to me that combining the symbol and the word would be the perfect name for my photography, art, and miscellanea while publishing them. The fact that "Z" is also the first letter of my surname was an added benefit.

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