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    Lampeduza says:

    "Yulia rocks in all ways!! i love your work!!!"

    27th August, 2010

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    bronx. says:

    "I wish I could pull all her photos from my screen and have them in a book so I don't end up giving myself a headache staring and the images on my screen, because they're all so beautiful and striking I can't stop looking at them all over and over. Nothing about her images conjurers up crude thoughts, or makes me feel dirty - her images are so bold and yet so fragile even when she's completely naked. She makes me feel liberated - her images inspire me."

    22nd April, 2010

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    Diana Pinto says:

    "Yulia's photos are, to me, a satisfying exhalation. As I look through her stream I am taken away, my mind refreshed, and my thoughts pleasant. She is cool yet timeless, every image is in instant classic full of breezes and femininity and freedom.

    Yulia makes the most of what she has, which is plenty enough to keep me coming back and browsing through her gallery. Please keep at it, for your happiness and my own!"

    11th April, 2010

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    °IchBinEinBaum° says:

    "i dont know how you can have such a unique and specific style and stay interesting and innovative. but yulia does. i love her photos. how she captures herself in between moments ang poses. she makes everything seem effortless. her use of color is wonderful. and i adore the person she portraits, whether that is real or imaginary."

    8th April, 2010

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    MrCarbonMonoxide+ says:

    "She has something of special and, in this, she looks so natural."

    24th March, 2010

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    Miss Aniela says:

    "I've never seen so much artistic 'tits and ass' on one photostream. I mean that as a compliment. What Yulia does is: Definitely. Not. Easy.

    Yulia has her own unique brand. Raunchy, sassy, and arresting self-portraits and collaborative self-portraits... definitely something special. It's exciting to see her style develop."

    3rd November, 2009

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    Charlotte Rutherford says:

    "Yulia is so innovative! Her use of colour and the human figure is simply unique and incredible!!!
    Everyone should take the time to look through this stream!!
    xxx :)"

    30th August, 2009

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    Dylan_Murphy says:

    "Her work is so beautiful, sensual and elegant."

    3rd July, 2009

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    sevgi.k says:

    "I am in love with Yulia's photostream. I don't actually think there is any photo in it which I do not like. She is amazingly talented and this shows in all of her photos. There is continuity in her photographs but they are all unique which is something very rare to come across. I will happily keep watching Yulia grow as an artist as should the rest of the world."

    15th May, 2009

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    FotoRita [Allstar maniac] says:

    "Yulia, you are a great photographer.
    You are the ONLY!"

    14th April, 2009

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    stellalee523 says:

    ".Yulia. is one of my favorite photographer.Her works are so sensual,attractive,elegant,emotional,and beautiful. All of the elements of the woman spirit collect in her steam! .Yulia. is a fantastic photographer as well as a wonderful model!!!

    Such beauty exists here to all who would stop and feel. Just looks like the fluid time is frozen,and waiting to be born....."

    21st January, 2009

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    lobbiaz says:

    "Something cold, something hot, something that inspires respect of feminity. Something light in the body, something deep in the look (the soul's miror) and in the face.

    Something so far from photography and something so intensly catched photographically... there is an enigma about Yulia. There are many "self streams" in here but this one is specific. Even if it works with comments and autor's satisfaction there is also the distance that many other "self stream" don't respect, when they start teasing for teasing.

    Something off ("maladroit" in french) but something so determined at the same time.

    This is my interpretation of Miss Yulia's work !"

    18th January, 2009

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    Morten Hoff says:

    "Yulia is a consistently excellent photographer. She has a great eye for composition and puts lots of care into postprocessing. Working with a remote for her self portraits, it's amazing how well she manages to frame herself, even in pictures portraying motion and action. Keep up the good work Yulia, it's always exciting to see your creativity come to life!"

    2nd December, 2008

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    Robin Andriolo says:

    "Yulia is one of the best photographer that i've seen on flickr. She has great sense of composition and an huge creativity. Some of her photo communicate a lot, the other are pure estetically beautiness (almost poetry i could say), but that beautiness that everyone could stay to look hours and hours. She often do a double job: photographer and model. I really don't know how she does so good.. but the result is superb!
    Rock on Yulia!! :-)"

    11th November, 2008

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    Gregory Bastien says:

    "After many months of observation I have come to this conclusion : Yulia is REALLY a creative and talented photographer, as well as she is a model with a stunning charisma.
    Plus, she does not know the word "hypocrisy" and I appreciate that.

    Once you discover her photo stream, be sure you'll ALWAYS come back !"

    6th September, 2008

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    Another Partial Success says:

    "A truly remarkable photographer with a unique and special style and talent. For me Yulia's work crosses so many genres of photography and her talent lies bringing these together in new and inspiring ways. This is done with apparent effortlessness as her talent is both technical and artistic. Her images speak volumes and resonate strongly with me - a world class name in the making."

    26th August, 2008

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    pascal_juinen says:

    "Last I was on her Flickr I almost added every picture of her as a fave!!!

    She makes great compositions. She use the right colours and than the thing which is special for me...

    She loves The Netherlands!!! ;-)"

    6th July, 2008

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    ♥Pati says:

    "I discovered Yulia a while ago and Im proud to have her as a contact. Shes just too cute! Yulia´s pictures are full of expression and trueness, thats why I love every single piece of her photostream. She always comes up with something really different from her last upload and I keep checking her Flickrpage every day. Keep it up, Yulia, you´re great!"

    4th July, 2008

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    Jerome Jerome k says:

    "I'm always waiting for your work, really love it, great idea, great composition, beautiful stream. :)"

    2nd July, 2008

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    crescentsi says:

    "I am a big fan of Yulia's photography. She has some fantastic ideas, wonderful technical skills and she is very lucky to possess haunting and elegant beauty.
    With love xx

    24th May, 2008

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    Riccardo Pastore says:

    "She is one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen before. She is charming, beautiful, natural, ingenious, seductive, her photo expresses the best of herself,
    it leaves without words. GREAT Yulia!!!"

    3rd May, 2008

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    [Ligeia] says:

    "Yulia's work is one of my faves here in Flickr.
    Apart of being such a beautiful and nice girl, she's really talented in showing her little world to us. Her emotions, her life...are in this photostream.

    I can't wait to see her next post. Simply fantastic.
    Never change dear"

    28th April, 2008

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    RoBeRtO!!! says:

    "I love Yulia's pictures.
    Each of them shows her mood even if it comes out by her smart fantasy!

    Every day she surprises me with a new masterpiece."

    5th March, 2008

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    flightless bird says:

    "fantastic, inspiring work by a young woman with ambition and a strong mind. what a winner. i love this stream. bravo, bravo."

    14th February, 2008

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    frischmilch says:

    "Yulia has a fantasia style in a fantastic way! i just found her images and saw me digging deep into her photostream to find out about all the topics and themes she handles with all through self portraits. wow!"

    28th December, 2007

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    Mauro Brancorsini says:

    "Sweetness, softness, original and very expressive self portraits! This girl knows what mean 'emotion'..
    And i love her! :)"

    28th December, 2007

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