Throughout his life, visionary leader Dennis Wong has demonstrated his ability to achieve his goals. Despite humble origins, Dennis has used events in his life as a springboard for success. He has launched several lucrative ventures since first arriving in the United States in 1968. Today, he is the President and CEO of YOR Health, a natural products company headquartered in Irvine, California with a global clientele and the respect of industry peers. Dennis believes that it is possible to change one’s life for the better, and he and his company have created the Live Bare Movement to create positive change.

Beginnings in Business

Dennis Wong immigrated to the United States from his native Hong Kong in 1968. In his home country, Dennis and his family struggled with finances; he and his family lived in overcrowded conditions with other poor families. His father worked and was rarely home, giving him the chance to develop a strong friendship with his mother. Dennis’ mother was his most enthusiastic cheerleader, giving him the drive to keep working and to never shy away from life’s hardships.
Moving to America was not without its challenges. Dennis’ family continued to struggle financially, and once again, hard work was the order of the day. Dennis wanted to achieve greater things in his life, so he began to pursue his educational goals. He enrolled in college and despite difficulties brought on by ADHD, a poorly-understood learning disorder at the time, he excelled in his program and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. His excellent grades and knowledge of engineering quickly led to job offers, but the defense industry was contracting post-Cold War and jobs grew scare. Once again, it was time for a change.

Branching Out with Business Ventures

By a stroke of luck, Dennis and his sister met a group of wealthy real estate investors at a business function. The group saw promise in the young pair, and took them under their wing in a mentorship role. This relationship paid off quickly; within just a couple of years, both Dennis and his sister had each made their first million dollars. At the time, he had not reached the age of 30 – quite an achievement for such a young man!

Fueled by the thrill of success, Dennis next established an Internet services company in Southern California. This, too, was a near-overnight success, but it led to Dennis neglecting his health in the quest of building his company into a regional powerhouse. At the age of 40, he was diagnosed with heart disease and was classified as pre-diabetic by his physician. Once again, it was time for serious life changes.

Divine Intervention?

Dennis found himself struggling to correct his unhealthy lifestyle and seeking answers when he met the co-founder of a nutritional supplements company at a business seminar. Was this the sign he had been looking for? When discussing the natural foods industry, Dennis and the nutritional supplements cofounder began to formulate the idea for Dennis’ next business initiative. He knew that he had a winner on his hands; his own personal struggles with unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices were a catalyst for him to start helping himself and others regain their most important asset: good health. YOR Health was born out of a business agreement between the two men.

YOR Health and Its Products

YOR Health is headquarted in Irvine, California. The company specializes in providing healthy, natural products for customers around the world. The Live Bare Oils and Oil Blends are a hit with consumers; these essential oil products are derived from all-natural sources and certified organic farms across the United States. A wide selection of health and beauty products like face creams, lotions, and body washes complement the lineup of essential oils. YOR Health is perhaps best known for its nutritional supplements. Just like all of the company’s products, the supplements are made from the most carefully-sourced natural ingredients and are free from harmful additives and residues.

YOR’s products are designed to work with the “Live Bare Movement” the company created. In this movement, the goal is to simplify one’s life, seeking healthful alternatives to everyday problems and to share knowledge with each other. YOR’s premium-quality and diverse product range is the perfect complement to those who wish to improve the health and happiness of their own lives.

Today, YOR Health offers an exclusive Promoter system to customers who value the quality products and the knowledge gained by taking part in the Live Bare Movement. Participants who are Promoters get special discounts on products and are able to tap into several income streams as they help YOR reach a global audience. Dennis has demonstrated his vision time and again, providing the company with a solid foundation to continue to grow upon. It’s no surprise that YOR Health has quickly risen to the top of the nutritional supplements industry; through hard work, a bit of luck, and the passion to achieve greatness, Dennis Wong embodies what it means to be a success story.

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