I have a ridiculous amount of stuff here. If you're looking for anything in particular, it's probably best to start by tag searching - my tags are mostly fairly comprehensive. Most of my photos are also geotagged, if there is any reason why geodata are relevant.

My photos are organised moderately systematically in sets and collections, which should aid navigation.

I have several blogs, but I'm rubbish at keeping them up. My personal blog is Lifecyclist and my Project Habbakuk blog focuses on London in WWII. drawing on archives, modern technology and science. Sophie Scarf Ace is a repository for my craft projects. I can be found in various other places on line. I recently joined Vimeo to share videos that are too long for flickr.

I'm ionically bound to Molecule Man.

It seems that I'm an admin on a lot of small esoteric groups. Some of them I founded; others, I just woke up and found myself an admin one day. I'm also a member of too many groups.

The vast majority of my images are licensed under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License, and I am happy for you to download or link to my photos for non-commercial use, including blogging my photos with a link back to flickr, although I'd prefer you to tell me if you use any of my images.

If you run a commercial blog, or would like to use an image for any other commercial purpose, please ask first. However, if you are a commercial publisher scouring flickr as a source for free photos, forget it.

If you are unsure whether your use would be regarded as commercial, please ask. In most cases I am happy to allow individuals, charities and non-profit organisations to use photos.

I hate Comment / Award / Sparkly GIF Invite Groups. Please don't invite me, put glitzy gifs on my comment stream, or use my stream to pimp yours.

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Yersinia pestis
August 2005
London, UK
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