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I yearn for the day when we can live with our fellow beings with thoughtfulness and respect. I guess that is why I love flickr so. I find people here who feel the same, or are learning to.

Summer Smiles To Gale (yeimaya)
A present from Deestea I don't want to lose she said:
"your ripple caused my ripple and I hope to cause others to create ripples too! Actually, I would like to think of the cause and effect as a stairway to success. We are each taking one step at a time. The trick is to enjoy the step that you are on before you move up to the next one. Please don't feel defeated. Keep Going!"

I volunteer at Allied Whale which houses the Humpack Whale catalogue for the North Atlantic.
I joined flickr in October 2004, almost 2 and 1/2 very rich years of learning and friendships. Finally I understand how I am using my site. It is autobiographical... for I seek to make visible how I have come to where I am. It is through things I love: whales, family, seals, community, drums, music, friends, animals that share our house and the ocean, the woods around us.

1986 FISSURE 14: 1st ENCOUNTER  8/31 4 of 6 Rufus survives
Whales and Seals

2005 08/21 high tide 1 of 3
Ocean and woods

Tuesday night drumming 1 Diversity- Barry Lopez
Drumming and Respect for all living things.

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  • Gale by deadmanguru

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    Silly Luis says:

    "There really exists people like this, so full of magic that make you feel that the world may be a cheerful and pleasant place to live into, after all. And of these, there are those that you seem to have known and love since before you were born, those that you may happyly walk with along the paths of life, those who know not only how but why to tread lightly the Earth and respect all living things. Yeimaya's so good that it really belongs to her the surname of a goddes, and an African goddess of the sea it had to be. Not that she cares at all about seeming (or being) a goddess, so she caught an "i" out of nowhere and got that brand new indian-like name she deserves so well.

    Want to know her? Dive into her photos and try to find one of a beatiful woman sat on a rock in the middle of a sea-bay, looking through a scope and with a red boat awaiting her close by; beyond, in the coast line, what looks like one of those ancient indian forests. Found it? That's MY Gale. In the latest portraits of her, Time tries to mask, but doesn't manage to hide the girl that shines through her eyes an smile, always playing in one way or another. Her photos, which is what define a photographer, will show nature: nature live and vibrant as she sees it wherever she go; hers are photos that make you feel you're there with her and she telling you: "See this? Yikes! Isn't it a wonder?"

    I wasn't really IN Flickr until I crossed Gale's (photo)stream. I remember that I left a question about some (probably trivial) detail related to one of her photos--I think it may have been how big a whale bone was. And she answered me (they're not big, but HUGE) and invited me to join "Voices"; that was the turn that got me firmly anchored in Flickr. And Gale was who did it. And I'll always thank her for that. So would you if you had so great a friend."

    July 17th, 2007

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    Sparky2* says:

    "Thank you so much, Gale, for all you've added to my life over the years. I'm so much more aware...I care more deeply and widely...I feel more connected and also more responsible - in part because of all you've shared here. Your generousity - not just of your huge knowledge, but also the sharing of your fiery and protective spirit wrt the world around us - never fails to come through your words and beautiful, stirring images - and ignite something in me. I thank YOU!

    Hey, I was so shy about writing testimonials, but I think I just did without even having to think....just typed what I felt... . ;-)"

    April 10th, 2007

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    shappell says:

    "kind, helpful, inviting and exceptionally pleasant to deal with! i am very impressed with the people that i have met on flickr but yeimaya is by far the nicest and most helpful of all my flickr-friends! as much as she loves whales i am not sure why she would be so nice to humans, but i am glad to be her friend and looking forward to sharing many stories and photos! aloha and mahalo nui loa!!"

    February 16th, 2007

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    therese flanagan says:

    "Yeimaya cares. In caring she seeks and creates community and acts as a conduit between the world as it is and the world she envisions. The world she envisions is one in which human beings are awakened to their place in a complex system shared by other life, both plant and animal. The hope is that in being awakened, a heightened degree of empathy may come forth.

    Yeimaya's planting seeds; many will take root and blossom. Her photos show you where she's been, the lessons she's learned, and she shares them with us. She also shepherds others in groups she's started, like Voices in the Wilderness It's a life's work and a worthy one."

    April 22nd, 2005

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    Barrybar says:

    "yeimaya is a devotee, not only of the art of photography, but of living things on the planet. She strives to end the killing of baby seals, and seems to long for the end of winter so she can get back to observing her wonderful friends off the coast of Maine … seals and whales in their natural habitat. Her studies and her pictures of those creatures demonstrate the level of her love and affection for them. She shares this passion with us in her aesthetically pleasing blog Whale Tales2 The great Fubuki it was who observed: “Flickr is crack …” I believe Gale is more hopelessly hooked on the lives of the beautiful animals she observes, than any crackhead could be on the illicit substance. Her mosaics are well worth visiting, and her photos on a whole are extremely broad in range and well captured.

    Yeimaya lives in a community that exemplifies the word “community”, where people with diverse backgrounds and interests come together to share, and to leave more fulfilled than when they arrived.

    Despite all that demands her attention, yeimaya still takes the time to point me in so many interesting directions in the maze that is Flickr."

    April 6th, 2005

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    deadmanguru says:

    "This woman has seen a lot of seals and met a lot of whales and she is eager to tell their stories. If you give her half a chance she'll show you how to see them as she does: rich with character and personal history.
    She has good posture too."

    December 31st, 2004

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    drp says:

    "Gale is one of nature's greatest champions. I am in awe of her work, her spirit, and her dedication."

    October 29th, 2004

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    SparkyLeigh says:

    "Yeimaya has been closely observing and documenting wild whales and seals along the Atlantic coast for over two decades. Her keen interest and enthusiasm is reflected happily through her myriad of in-depth stories from her personal encounters, and supported by her photos and sketches. Yeimaya’s attention to detail through these observations has created a treasure-trove of information: an historical record of specific mammals that can be used as a base source of information by serious researchers for many years to come. Her genuine compassion for seals, whales and all natural life, shines brightly in her writings and photographs~"

    October 6th, 2004

September 2004
I am:
Female and Taken
Harbor seal research