Say it like this: yahss-MEEN.

I take pictures - and write - because I honestly believe the mundane is the edge of glory.

Flickr is, so far, an exercise in practicing brevity. This explains the lack of emphasis, for the most part, on titles and captions. For long words and even lengthier paragraphs, check the weblog, where conciseness has never been my strong suit.

"I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs."
-Garry Winogrand

Because screwed-up attempts at self-portraits are the only ones ever worth sharing, Part i Mid-day meditation

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  •  by Esani (Nibedita)
  • piegons ...yes they can get ur attention by fairyisk
  • Happy Women's day !!!!!!(On explore ) by Esani (Nibedita)
  • DSC_3711 by H@shim A ™
  • P1010396 by iffster
  • not only orange, but BUDDY orange notwespa by bajidc
  • jasmine tea or the au jasmin by bajidc
  • rockstar by bajidc
  • orange wespa by bajidc
  • Eyeboy by Omair Khan
  • breakdancing man is back, again. by _thisduck
  •  by H@shim A ™

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    H@shim A ™ says:

    "Yasmine does not like chai... but I forgive her.

    Mainaly because she is a total rockstar.

    I dig her sunny disposition, her bell bottoms, the fact that is left handed, reminds herself where she parks by writing on her hands and also how she can apply muddy mehndi oh so well.

    She can *lead lines* like no other and I wish her *good light* for her fotograffy and for her roaming around the west coast (and beyond).

    Yes she's a crackhead, but she's got an awesome vibe!

    *this is an edit and a post addition.

    Yasmine wrote this and it made me laugh my ass off!

    *I take lots of photographs and use flickr as an exercise in practicing brevity, but the brevity part hasn’t been working out so well. This is what happens when you make friends.*


    i'll be back to add more stuff when i see fit!


    *am back to add that she has a potty mouth.

    the end (for now)."

    November 14th, 2008

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    bajidc says:

    "If yaz's ability to capture stunning images through words is not enough, now we can appreciate the beauty of the world through her eyes via her awesome digicam. Clickety click, rockstar!"

    January 8th, 2006

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