Almost all photos that are publicly visible on my stream are published under a Creative Commons license and so a few of my pictures have been used on other sites.

If you like any of my pictures and re-use it somewhere else, feel free to do so. What I really appreciate when you do this?

* Give me credit
* Link back to me (sometimes you can't, so that's fine)
* Post a comment on that picture and as a bonus post a link t your site
* If you want to be really nice ask me before you publish the picture.

Here a couple of my most popular pictures

Eilean Donan Castle by yashima

Not a painting by yashima

I am a hobby photographer, who loves traveling near and far. I also enjoy good food at home or abroad. So my favorite times to take pictures are while traveling or cooking.

I started taking photos with 6 years with a camera my grandparents owned which would have films with 6 or 8 negatives and I owned my first camera with 8. I distinctly remember the first photo I was allowed to take with my Dad's SLR camera during a USA vacation in 1992 and I inherited my first SLR (analog) with 18 which broke 3-4 years later. Since then I was without camera.

I bought my first digital camera in 2005. I still ocasionally use my Canon EOS 20D even though I have by now upgraded to a Canon EOS 7D. I also own several Ixus cameras and of course a mobile phone that takes pictures.

Cantucci by yashima
Pour me some wine please! by yashima
Chocolate Tarte with Pears by yashima

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January 2005
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