I'm a non-generic female homosapien who loves long walks on the beach, pastel sunsets, and I wanna be a veterinarian coz I love children! I also plan to climb the top of Mt. Everest using only a paper clip, 2 packages of Jiffy Pop and a didgeridoo!!

I have countless, what I call, snapshots on here! I'm taking pictures in cars, on the move-guerrilla style! I just like taking pictures of my life and the objects and people that surround me! So take it all in, it's meant to be casual; As if one is looking through Grandma's photo albums! I've considered creating a completely different profile to apply my better pictures...but for now...s'all good baby!


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    Rebecca McWhirter says:

    "I am jealous of Melissa's talent... girlfriend can work a camera! How does she get the moon in her pictures to glow? When I scroll the page, her moons leave trails. Very cool... she is the "Photographer of Light"... she is to photography what Kinkade is to painting. Bravo Melissa! Bravo! Seriously, Melissa is one of my favorite photographers."

    December 9th, 2006

December 2005
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