retired from buisness at 57 yrs to spend time at my farm which was a life long dream away from urban chaos and daily grind..a beautiful patch tucked away in the mountains 3000ft. above sealevel in the sahyadri range of western ghats ,a biodiversity hotspot..a place which is pristine,secluded,mostly forested,stretching over several kilometers replete with peaks and valleys,mountains & streams,rivers& lakes..a place which touched my natural cord & overwhelmed me to take up photography to record its sights and sounds .here time stands still and silence is the only sound,broken by howling winds lashing rains,thundering clouds or chirping birds and buzzing insects.I have never found two days the same, a cat and mouse game between clouds and the sun or wind.The most trying time is the monsoons from June to middle October when high velocity winds coupled with incessant rains lash and days and nights wrapped in fog with hardly any sunlight during this period.Electricity is a luxury here and when available is unpredictable with high voltage fluctuations which hampers my activities a lot though i do not mind.When the monsoons are over leaves a lot of mess afterwards.All in all a unique place and definitely not for the squeamish!

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