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    *p. says:

    "Le genius of all geniuses...I call shot gun on his brain (dude is one creative fella) heard me !"

    28th September, 2009

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    Studio386 Photographers says:

    "During the time I've known Paul his work has been consistently inspiring. The creativity of his final product, whether a straight image or a composite, is the source of significant envy and amazement. Each image that appears in his photo stream has an effortless purpose of existence."

    28th October, 2009

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    -=UnkleLuc=- says:

    " Paul is someone i found on flickr, that reminds me of myself in aspects of freedom of mind and creativity. I admire his work tremendously and find myself fighting not to steal his ideas and angry when he comes up with things before i couldve lol

    Good stuff brotha!"

    16th June, 2009

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    neitsroth.noremac says:

    "There are thousands of magnificent photographers on flickr but Paul's work stands out. Paul's stream on flickr is the only one I've found to be constantly original - true art. He might actually just be my favorite photographer on flickr."

    15th May, 2009

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    Alex Shahmiri says:

    "So Paul has basically become one of my favorite photographers/illustrators/designers/etc. on flickr. His work is always original, and always looks amazing. His ideas are simple enough to work, yet complex enough to make you think. His series are all brilliant, and he's definitely a huge inspiration."

    4th May, 2009

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    • glub • says:

    "i don't give many testimonials, but for my money paul's work is some of the best here on the flickrverse. his is the kind that would come with me on the desert island."

    14th April, 2009

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    go ask alice, ı think she'll know says:

    "through his eye(s) day looks better"

    11th March, 2009

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    speedyjvw says:

    "this man take pictures of things that look cool and stuff"

    2nd February, 2009

  • view profile says:

    "This guy deserves a big fat juicy medal made of gold. His photos are unique and each one has a meaning. Well done Dunny."

    27th January, 2009

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    GEENALECIA says:

    "Marry me
    then give me all your prints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your work is great i've been admiring you from my old account
    and i still cant get enough."

    21st January, 2009

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    seymour templar says:

    "friggin genius. forget everything else. i'm floored by paul's stuff, on a daily basis."

    13th December, 2008

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    Vamoos says:

    "It's difficult to speak to the personal qualities of a best friend in a flickr testimonial, so I'll save that for a Hallmark card or a few too many gin and tonics and use this space to discuss his photography prowess. Paul simply sees things different than anyone else. My trips shooting with him have confirmed this; what look like tire tracks or a pool float to normal people glimmer with texture and nuance to him. However, just seeing the world differently isn't enough to make someone a great photographer. What sets Paul apart, and what I admire most about him, is his ability to transform effectively and with ease what he sees in his mind's eye into something tangible. That is the definition of true creativity and of an artist."

    8th January, 2008

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    scottyperry says:

    ""Dunny" as he is known on flickr and between friends. has one of my favorite streams on flickr. so creative, so new, so modern."

    26th December, 2007

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    Olly Moss says:

    "Paul is one of the most down-to-earth, friendly and talented guys I've ever met. His work never ceases to amaze me."

    28th November, 2007

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    Usingyourbrain says:

    "From dunny, I like specially the colors, the compositions and the originality of the scenes. I think he makes feel something with every photo that do.

    excuses for my english"

    20th November, 2007

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    yyou.youu says:

    "absolutely incredible. innovative, creative. you know you have talent and something special when you're asking, "how the hell does he make these images look so good". it's you. all you. you have your own style and look, it's great. dunny, i get so much inspiration from you...
    thanks for sharing..."

    18th October, 2007

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    DottieboBottie says:

    "Dunny is freakin' brillz. That is all you need to know.

    Now go check out his stream. Prepare to be WOWED."

    17th October, 2007

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    theGentleman™ says:


    11th October, 2007

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    mclgreenville / memorymotel says:

    "A true original. Threadless will never be the same !"

    4th October, 2007

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    kriegs says:

    "Paul is a stand up guy. Very down to earth, very easy to talk to and this goes a long way to compliment his keen eye towards his photography and design work."

    31st August, 2007

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    b3nscott says:

    "I saw Paul's work on Threadless and started looking at his other photography. What I didn't realize is that this guy is a photographic genius. His work inspires me to be a better photographer and strive for excellence. The way he presents the subject matter, lighting, and color choices always imresses me. Thanks Paul! You are the man!"

    3rd July, 2007

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    Joshua Mauldin says:

    "This guy rules. He consistently puts out one amazing photo after the next. Definitely one of my favorite photographers on flickr."

    24th June, 2007

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    Tatevik Hovhannisyan (Singles) says:

    "My favorite Artist on flickr!"

    19th June, 2007

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    dew_wipe says:

    "I guess you have "enough" of these testimonials, but I have to :)

    Dunny is one of my favorite photographers, ever. I wish I could fave all of his shots and tell how much I love each one of them (but he would just think Im totally insane) I watch all of his photos and they always makes me feel something. The colors he gets out of photos are amazing. And he's such a funny dude, and very kind. *kisses*"

    25th May, 2007

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    ✿ María  says:

    "What can I say? Dunny is my favorite, I love his sensitive eye and his humor, also his beautiful love for his family, Paul Octavious is a special flickr ;)
    You rule!

    12th May, 2007

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    transgress says:

    "photography alone will put this amazing photographer in the books of history. to nurture a gift and share it with the world is a fantastic blessing. you've got it all! your creativity is my constant source of inspiration, joy and pride. being the king of flickr he brings out the most amazing shots this world is about to witness. thanks for being around! you've got a fantastic soul! keep shining!"

    12th May, 2007

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    MicheleLyn says:

    ""Paul is an incredible talent." He is able to see things and capture really awesome images. He is a great part of the art world and I am very happy that I met him. We were space mates at Open Studios last year (06)and I am so happy that I have stayed in touch with him.
    Keep doing the wonderful stuff that you do Paul. You rock!

    4th April, 2007

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    so sugary* (new account notice) says:

    "my favorite photographer to stalk on flickr. dunny is always fresh, always creative, always a muse. he inspires, and his photos give off good raw energy. love him or kick rocks."

    29th March, 2007

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    Rán says:

    "Everytime I take a look at Dunny's stream I see really creative self/portraits and it strikes me how many amazing Id's he's got! The azul pictures are some of the finest work I've seen here on Flickr. Keep it um man, no doubt that you'll only get better!"

    21st February, 2007

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    Keren G says:

    "Captivating images and a unique, intimate, truly Inspiring gallery.
    All of Paul's photographs really send some message, a certain feeling of the moment..
    Amazing use of lights and shadows and techninc control combined with a creative mind that seizes the moment, coming up with fresh, new and wonderful ideas and executions.
    All the best, and keep the uploading going! :)"

    21st February, 2007

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    nicora says:

    "I am not a gifted enough writer to accurately describe the amazing talent that is Paul Octavious. I will say that every time I come to Flickr I rush to his pool hoping for a new installment of visual candy, like a kid rushing to the ribbon covered bike under the tree on Christmas morning. I will be able to say that I knew him way back when =)"

    13th February, 2007

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    miss moxie says:

    "I only recently discovered Dunny and I'm amazed at the wisdom and perspective from someone so young. Really incredible work. :)"

    8th February, 2007

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    Ida Momennejad says:

    "I don't know Dunny at all. Yet as far as his works, I'd call him CameraPolice. His creative and playful originality is not just inspirational or intriguing; nor do his works just invite you or even challenge you to photography. His sets, puffin clouds being my favourite, punch you in the eye and leave you regretting non-creative laziness."

    29th January, 2007

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    Victoriano says:

    "Paul is one of the most imaginative and innovative photographers that I have seen in my life. I think he is changing the photography concepts."

    13th January, 2007

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    assbachs-old-account says:

    "Absolutely one of my favorite artists around here. His graphics and photos are very inspiring for me. I am glad i found him through the 365days group and call him a flickr friend now."

    7th January, 2007

  • view profile says:

    "Photographer By Nature, Deserve the best"

    4th January, 2007

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    it's good to be Ouxu says:

    "Dunny's pictures are the shit!!"

    1st January, 2007

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    debora smail says:

    "Dunny is rich with;


    22nd December, 2006

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    Joel Benguigui says:

    "The word 'stunning' isn't strong enough... The word 'amazing' isn't strong enough... The word 'creative' isn't strong enough... All these words won't never be strong enough to describe Dunny's whole little World... I'm a fan, i'm an aficionados! And as we could tell in french: 'wow, ça déchire vraiment c'que tu fais mec !'"

    21st December, 2006

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    -UnSeEn says:

    ""Creative - is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Dunny. He is also excellent photographer , sensitive, creative and extremely talented.

    Enter his gallery and step into a world made extraordinary by his gaze. Simply you are my teacher . . each photo is like a message once I got it i tried to reflect into my photo n I hope i reach my goal
    thnx Dunny""

    25th November, 2006

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    Today is a good day says:

    "Paul is fast developing into one of the best photographers on Flickr. He sees things in a unique way and captures/creates some of the most stuningly engaging images I've seen.

    His people pictures are wonderfully "connected" and full of life, his self portraits are amazingly creative, and his grasp of low-key is already up there with the very best."

    25th November, 2006

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    fergysnaps says:

    "I almost hate checking out Dunny's photos...because he makes me realise how crap i am! Simply amazing photos."

    17th November, 2006

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    Fanboy30 says:

    "Whatever I say won't change anything or anyones perception to Dunny's work. I just want you to know that after finishing university and feeling stuck in Limbo, Dunny's work alone has encouraged me to get off my ass and do what inspires me! Thanks man, outstanding work, the most original and vibrant imagery on flickr. xxx"

    10th October, 2006

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    Lars WWW says:

    "Dunny's photostream is definetly something to pick you up on a gray, cold and rainy day."

    25th September, 2006

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    Mark Klotz says:

    "Paul's work is fresh, punchy and in your face. Every shot is new to me. He's paving his own way, and he's got a lot of talent! I look forward to seeing more."

    24th September, 2006

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    Coffee_Break says:

    "Dunny really rocks! Keep your eyes on his works 'coz this guy is gonna be a star soon."

    18th September, 2006

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    scottneumyer says:

    "There's a sense of realism and excitement in Dunny's photos that's hard to achieve. His candids are crisp, emotive, and revealing. They're beautiful, but harsh, cutting right down to the reality of everyday life. It's a treat to check out Dunny's photostream every day."

    18th September, 2006

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    Terri Lynn says:

    "I am so thankful, that Paul commented on my work because it gave me a chance to discover his, and boy am I impressed. So I read on his profile that he's only 22 and I say, NO WAY! His work has got some really old soul to it, a maturity way beyond his years. You must have been born an artist, Paul!"

    15th September, 2006

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