For most photos I ask before I photograph individuals in religious situations. I request permission from the lama or I am invited as the photographer for Buddhist initiations.

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On Tibetan Buddhism's tantra -
"People must receive guided oral transmission. That is why tantric texts are written in very cryptic language and totally mixed up order.

When people talk about tantra, they often have pretty weird ideas. Most people do not understand the notion of authentic transmission. Many associate tantra with sex. This is ridiculous. Some iconography may depict postures of a sexual nature, but that is not the issue.

But so be it. Unless people are admitted properly, they will misunderstand. Tantra likes to guard the secrecy of those things intended to be kept secret."

Lama Choedak Yuthok : Lamdre Dawn of Enligtenment, Gorum Publications 1997

Bio: From the point of absolute truth not even the thought of me exists ... but I still need to earn a living.


Pel punto de la verdad absoluta no igualar el pensamiento de mí existe.


Du point de la vérité absolue pas égaliser la pensée de moi existe.

Vom punkt der absoluten Wahrheit gesehen, gibt es nicht ein mal den Gedanken von mir!


From the point of absolute truth not even the thought of me exists ... but I still need to earn a living = Do ponto de vista da verdade absoluta nem mesmo meu pensamento existe ... mas mesmo assim preciso de um ganha-pão.
An artistic photographer, Photographer Libre. These images are for your use for free, Just give a credit "Photo by Wonderlane" or Wonderlane/Flickr etc...
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Featured on the cover of Brave New Traveler - the Best of the Best 2009 is a photo of His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche's hand over the Hevajra Mandala shot in Nepal from the Wonderlane Flickr photostream, see:

Two other Wonderlane photos used for another article on friendships (from Nepal and Mexico):

Article about Wonderlane photostream:

Ovimagazine article with Wonderlane photos -

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Please note -- I encourage you to make prints.

These rare Tibetan Buddhist religious images are blessed, and if you make prints, when you are done with them, please dispose of them properly by burning or return to a shrine, temple, or monastery and they will take care of the religious remnant.


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    Leighton Cooke says:

    "Wonderlane takes beautiful pictures of Buddhist sacred art, that is a special contribution to our understanding of the Dharma. It is a great service and one that should be appreciated."

    November 21st, 2008

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    Eric Lon says:

    "Wonderlane is a great photographer with a beautiful female eye sensitivity to show the reality of the world.
    A Buddhist life time is not enough to study her pics through various angles. She is part of History in terms of taking and selecting photos.
    Thanks for sharing a lot and to support Tibet by speading images and words.
    Eric Lon: human being lover"

    July 17th, 2008

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    BillyWarhol says:

    "Who are U???

    Honestly I wasn't even sure if U were a guy or a girl???

    Linda is a Girl's Name right??


    U ROCK GIRL!!!

    Cheers!! Billy ;)) Peace*"

    April 25th, 2008

July 2005
Seattle, USA
Photographer Libre