the "WMSHC" is the Western Mass Sacred Harp Community. i be singin' loud on tuesday nights in Noho. come check it out at the helen hills hills tuesdays at 7.

the "kiwitayro" is my LJ. whee! i have a lot of photos that i'm probably going to be putting up here. i just got a canon digital rebel for my birthday, so my shutterbug nature is getting even WORSE. or better, depending on how you look at it.

I mostly like taking candid portraits and still life pictures of found objects around my house and places I go, not staged or arranged or posed photos. Almost none (I can't think of any) of my photos have any "post-production" work done other than some minimal cropping now & then.

I recently discovered the black & white setting on my camera, and it's been getting a workout.

I love taking pictures of kids and because there are a lot of them in my life (friends, family, neighborhood) I get a lot of opportunities to photograph them!

I'm learning (slowly) about photography, digital photography and light and the buttons and numbers and settings on my camera. There are a lot. I almost exclusively use my Digital Rebel XT, but sometimes I dust off the broken old Olympus if I don't need a flash & want portability. Motorcycle trips, for example. :)

**EDIT** a lot of my friends are hotties, it's true. if it seems like you are adding pictures of my friends to your spank bank, i'll block you. that's just not what they're here for.**

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    grumpylav says:

    "A blast to go drinking with ... sees psychedelic lights everywhere! ;)"

    July 10th, 2008

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