Will Luera is the Director of Improvisation at Florida Studio Theatre, Artistic Director Emeritus of ImprovBoston, Artistic Director of the Lowell Comedy Festival, former Mainstage Director at ImprovAsylum, and Artistic Associate of the Chicago Improv Festival. Will Luera joined ImprovBoston in 1997 as a member of the Mainstage cast. Soon after he joined the TheatreSports cast and helped to start the Boston franchise of Sitcom. In 1999, he left ImprovBoston to start his own improvisational theater company called Blue Screen, where he continued to direct Sitcom but also developed and directed ground-breaking shows like Secret Society and Dropkick Bandito. In 2000, he rejoined ImprovBoston as Artistic Director, directing the Mainstage cast and developing the nationally renowned productions of Sitcom, Secret Society, Blue Screen, and Quest. He has appeared in numerous improv festivals around the world and has studied improvisation with ImprovOlympic, The Second City, The Annoyance Theater, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and Keith Johnstone. In addition to his work at ImprovBoston, Will has taught improvisation classes for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), the National Fire Prevention Association, Northeastern University, Boston College and has directed shows for the ImprovAsylum, The Tribe Theater, Another Country Productions, and The Alarm Clock Theater. He has also directed short films for the 48-hour film festival and Filmerica, both of which were considered highlights of the festival. In 2004, Will was the Boston and national winner of PAX-TVs World Cup Comedy. Will is also a producer and actor in Strange Faculty, which was accepted to the 2007 New York Television Festival, the 2008 Los Angeles Independent Television Festival and winner of the 2008 NBC Comedy Short Cuts competition.

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  • JoinedJune 2006
  • OccupationDirector of Improvisation
  • HometownChicago, IL
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