I consider all of my photos to be drafts. Drafts of photos I may want to take later. Drafts of ideas. Nothing is a final and I am not locked on any of them. If the photos were to disappear, I would not weep too much.

My home--PDX ... The great land of Portland, Oregon. Sure there is another Portland in this country, but it is not THE Portland. My family and I moved from Vantucky in 2000 and it has been wonderful ever since.

Straight streets that basically follow the cardinal directions, curbs, sidewalks, houses that predate the 70s and a bevy of restaurants for all tastes. Late night . . . need a specialty doughnut? Yes, there is something for those eating needs too--Voodoo Doughnut. Yum.

Me, Travis, a freshman English teacher) and my wife, Ruhiyyih, also an English teacher, but far cooler than me. Four riotous boys: Kael ( [K] sounds kick), Asha (as smooth as his name), Soren (umlauts above "o"), and Asa (name is a palindrome). You can see their exploits on You Tube. Or read about them through my family blog.

I like to look at mechanical objects, items made out of metal or wires. Things man made. You won't find many people shots other than my kids. Not that I see them as objects (although they were man made), but they are just so darn cute so they make it into the sets. I know, what a nice dad.


Most of my shots (and even more if I had the time) are shots of things.

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