Futurist post rock cybernaut.

Even if I told you, you still would not know me. I like making stuff out of legos, loud music, books and media, technology, mirror shades, acting sly, the robot rock, lots and lots of art, watching people, being crazy, the aux, the redbedroom, the microstudio, the beachhouse, ninjas, samurai swords, giant robots, cyborgs, robots and swarms more of robots, the future, legos, your mom, mexican food from the hood, taco sinoloa #3, girls with tattoos, crime, hot girls with tattoos, organized crime, ceviche, hot girls who like it when it rains, girls with long blonde hair, disorganized crime, girls with short dark hair, going lo-tech, being hi-tech, girls with short blond hair, piracy, skulls, psychology, grapefruit for the hangover, deadly spore, printing t-shirts at four in the morning, the girlfriend/wifey, organic forms, streamlined and beautifully crafted educational toys, being social, anarchy, rebellion, big brother, corporate dictatorship, wikipedia, being anti-social, culture jamming, the vast and infinite network, driving fast, breaking bottles in the street, sliding through torrance blvd, being abnormal, oceans, large bodies of water even though i'm inept in the water, cardboard, unfinished projects, streamlining for efficiency, making practical things, complicating life, impractical things, living in a box, multi-tasking, risk, reward, power, respect, love, hate, living in a palace, gray areas, night, day, twilight, dusk, dawn, primal urges, restraint, control, chaos, riotporn, disasterism, collaboration, working solo, coaster wars at the bar, running in the shadows, william gibson, keith richards, hunter s. thompson, randal from clerks, darth vader, your mom's mom, being weird, and ah yeah, Ima taurus.


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    Aaron (-_-) says:

    "In a world of Lego Samurai Andrew is like Miyamoto Musashi. Famed for his duels and distinct style. Watch your back when this Lego vagabond is around."

    October 9th, 2009

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    lights says:

    "Andrew is like my brother from another mother. We share birthdays. We have lovely ladies named Katie B. And the ultimate clubs. It's no coincidence. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?"

    May 14th, 2008

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    zachmoe says:

    "Andrew is a like a ninja in a crowd of mimes...although everyone is silent, he alone is deadly. Plus, he let me sleep on his futon."

    April 28th, 2008

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    DammitKarissa says:

    "Andrew is like this cool guy, that builds stuff with LEGO; and has a hot girlfriend. What could be better?


    April 11th, 2008

Andrew Lee
February 2007
Hermosa Beach, United States
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