Prints available. Please check out my great fellow artists as well as me at the venerable Dan Skjæveland Gallery.


Four Photographers: Esther Reyes, William Keckler, Ivan Melnychuk, and ]ezra[ (Tim Pyle)

12 Poems in the Online Anthology Poetas Siglo XXI - Antologia de Poesia Mundial (21st Century Poets - an Anthology of World Poetry may be read here. This is a great resource for contemporary world poetry. I'm always discovering new and exciting work from around the globe there.

On the Spectrum News site (Simon Foundation) my artwork is used to illustrate the scientific article "Sizeable fraction of autism risk traced to ‘mosaic’ mutations" (2017).

TFPD (The Film Photography Diary), curated by Ousseynou Cissé, used a photograph of mine. Many Flickr folks are included in this nice collection.

I recently started posting on Instagram. But only because they gave up that ridiculous obsession with squares.

I recently joined Lomography. Feel free to connect with me there if you'd like.

The Visual Virgin contains some of my favorite photography and other visual art. Much of this little collection was compiled from work I found on here. For those of you who enabled sharing in this regard, thanks! It's currently on hiatus but should be back in the future. I haven't been checking in there, so please excuse any delay in contacting back or following back through that site.

My personal Tumblr is here.

I also Tumblr and post the work of those who enable sharing at
this blog.

Words, pictographs and other images can sometimes be found on the cave walls here.

My Work Featured:

My "Watching the Film JAWS Backwards" at the ultracool
Belio Magazine.

A photo at the marvelous Frizzifrizzi.

A photo was included in a feature on pareidolic dwellings in Somentes Coisas Legais.

A really great mag and scene is Frizzifrizzi. Editor Simone Sbarbati keeps every online page crackling with visual interest and topical text.

Always a thrill to be curated into the venerable Weisserauschen.

A photo is included in the current print issue (#9) of Aubade magazine. Thank you shout-out to editor Christopher Turner. (Check out the Flickr group on here and the print issues!)

My work is in the current issue of the Austrian mag Zeitzoo. I encourage people to check out this fabu scene, as it's not only a great magazine. There are other cultural manifestations.

Indie label Tench used one of my photos as cover art for an album by Porya Hatami. More here.

The Indie band Should (Words on Music) used several of my images as cover art for their upcoming album.

"Girl Gone Bad" at Tumblr Open Arts.

Photo of the Day at The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

Actor/Writer Wil Wheaton Tumblrd my "We Are Playing Cows."

Covers & Citations has archived "After Malevich."

"Bomb" at Tumblr Open Arts.

"Quero Ser Mark Rothko?"

"Set It" at Finding Lost Time

My Eakins remix at Lover of Beauty.">

At Telegramme Mag (U.K.) under feature "Feel Good Friday 15."

"The Mission" on SFMOMA's nonpareil art blog.

Photo of the Day (5/18/13) at the delicious Fecalface.

My visual plays on some of Shakespeare's sonnets were featured on literary titan Dennis Cooper's celebrated and cerebrating blog"The Weaklings."

"Photo of the Day" at the awesome FECAL FACE DOT COM.

A piece in the Andrew Conroy-curated Finding Lost Time.

The lovely Saccades was kind enough to make this "Photo of the Day."

At the follow-worthy fashion and design blog, Magneticum.

My art appears in an essay on a francophone blog which asks the question, "Edward Hopper, est-il un grand artiste?"

A piece of mine at the delicious Mental Floss, in a feature wishing Claude Monet a Happy 172nd Birthday. Claude, bon anniversaire!

A piece featured in the marvelous Stanley Chow's to-die-for online gallery, Chinky Afro.

One of my Lego Rothkos is discussed at Baroque in Hackney

Issue 12 of Paris-based Magazine Her Royal Majesty

Visual Works Commissioned in Celebration of Moira Crone's 2012 (Recommended!) novel, The Not Yet.

"Paul" featured in the (fascinating) Finding Lost Time collection.

At the always view-worthy One Poet's Worth a Thousand Scientists, curated by Lucas Regazzi.


Something something something something something...

HI! FEEL FREE TO POST MY PHOTOS OR ARTWORK ON YOUR SITE OR ANYWHERE ELSE (AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME). I'm always honored when someone does that, and if I like your site I may link back through one of my blogs (see below). Please let me know with a courtesy message on here if you do use any of my photos.About me? Poet and storyunteller. I like merfolk. Visuals tickle my uvula.. I like the indescribable, the irrecoverable, the unrecognizable and the alluringly indecipherable. I think that means I just like nature. Also, I believe (perhaps mistakenly) I am part of nature. My other blog (poetry and other writing) is Joe Brainard's Pyjamas (the Sequel): Whateveriana.

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    oh dear, art-world+ miss us says:

    "William Keckler lives here too:
    Three edited Galleries of his pictures are on page 2 of my "GALLERIES FOR OTHERS".
    Os, Bill"

    June 9th, 2017

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    Cheer up, Kafka. says:

    "William's work is consistently fresh and spontaneous. There is always a surprise in the frame, and his view of the world is uncompromising in its irregularity. A wonderful treat to peruse his photostream."

    June 21st, 2013

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    brancusi7 says:

    "The History of Art (in Legos)
    William has a total of 99 works in the set
    (with the same title) on this site.
    These highly sophisticated works, and his astute art historical selection, made me laugh at his inspired wit - then I realized that, like Oscar Wilde, William's wit bears further respect.
    By playing spot the artpop icon he's distilled the canonic nature of the iconic art experience, it's extraordinarily instant recognisibilty and abrupt evanescence - and even affectionately questioned the whole "art as brand" phenomenon."

    April 30th, 2013

William Keckler
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