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I Will Block You

I am truly sorry that it has come to this, but enough is enough. I am a fundamentally nice guy, but Flickr has become more and more frustrating with the number of Blockface members who take but do not give in return. If the word "reciprocation" isn't in your vocabulary, I have no desire to spend any time on you.
In ADDITION to this, if your photostream consists solely of porn stolen from the web...well, I don't think I have to tell you what happens if you add me as a contact...

I will not allow my profile to be added as a contact by those who have no images in their stream. The idea here is to share…and when you have nothing in your stream, you shouldn’t expect to be allowed to collect other people’s images.

If you have porn in your photostream, be sure they are filtered appropriately. I DO flag images that are not filtered correctly. DON'T add me to your “Friend” or “Family” list or I will be forced to block you as well. I often view my photo-stream from work, and I simply can't risk having porn pop up in the “Photos from your contacts” section.

I Do Not reserve special images for "Family" in my photo stream. Please do not ask to be "Added" in that way for that reason. What you see here is what I have to show.

Oh, and if your images are all from the Internet, it's likely I won't add you either. I am EXTREMELY interested in the seeing the creativity and originality of photos you have taken personally, but if you are just grabbing pics from the Net and throwing them up here, you may safely include me out.

I will not tolerate derogatory or overtly sexual comments here. Please keep it clean folks!

One more thing: If you leave comments in a language other than English and I am unable to translate the comment, it will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you

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IMG_4490 Sonja @ Phx Faerie Fest 040807 (4)

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Here are some links to a few of my other web profiles:

Keyhole Productions on Flickr

Keyhole Productions on Model Mayhem

Keyhole Productions on MySpace

Wilgar on MySpace

Keyhole Productions Photo Blog

I am just an Ordinary Average Guy (does anyone else get a Joe Walsh tune stuck in their heads when they hear that phrase?).

I've been living in Phoenix AZ since I was 12. I was the Drummer in a local rock band called "The Narrow Way" from 1992 - 1998. No...we were not a religious band. The Narrow Way is actually an obscure song title from Pink Floyd. I am currently in another musical project as the drummer for The Violet Wing, an all 60's cover tune band and it is a BLAST!

I bought my first digital camera around Channukah of 2003. It was the Fuji FinePix S5000 and I absolutely LOVED it! But I quickly realized that my desire to improve my photography skills would require a more "Serious" camera system. So, when the money was available I bought my Canon EOS 20D DSLR. Since then I have added lights, backdrops, more lenses and toys and am working hard to learn all I can about this fascinating and wondrous art form.

The images I post here are typically taken with the Canon. But on occasion I will use the Fuji. And of course my older pics are from the FinePix as well. Most will be posted unaltered except for adjusting the levels for more clarity, and perhaps some cropping. But sometimes I just have to breakout Photoshop and PLAY! That is happening more frequently now that I am working on more portrait oriented projects.

PLEASE NOTE: I am constantly tinkering with the photos on this site, so you really need to check back often to ensure you don’t miss any of my photographic phun!

One more comment, regarding comments: I will not allow rude or inappropriate comments on my photostream. I am the final judge as to what comments are appropriate or not.

I thank you all for your consideration.

= = = As of November 10th, 2006 = = = =
Hello everyone!
I decided to separate my "Pro-Am" pics from my "Fun" pics so I created another photostream for my "Keyhole Productions Photography."
I will be transitioning pics from here to there that fit the criteria of images I would consider showing potential clients.
If you see something missing from THIS photostream, check the "KeyholeProd" stream first. Odds are that's where it went!

Jump to my Keyhole Productions photostream:

Use these links if you would like to find out more about two fantastic bands I shot a while back during their live performances!

Thank you!


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  • DMP 2K12 - Death -1 by Keyhole Productions Photography
  • DO Aug Party 2012 (Famine)-1840 by Keyhole Productions Photography
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