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I've uploaded these photos to show that Singapore's shores are very much alive! There is an amazing diversity of life on our shores, and on every trip, I see something new.


The photos are sized for use in powerpoints, to help teachers, nature lovers who want to give presentations and others who just enjoy looking at our natural heritage.


I took all these photos ABOVE water. No need to swim, no need to dive! Anyone can enjoy our spectacular shores.


Singapore's shores and reefs are very much alive! More about them on Uniquely Singapore: City Reefs


I have tagged all my photos by location and phylum, class, order, family, genus, species (as I know them). All photos are also geotagged.


If you would like photos of our shores that don't appear here, email me and I'd be glad to upload them for your use. I also do take some terrestrial aspects of Singapore's wild places.


More about me and my work on my wildsingapore website


These photos are also blogged on

wild shores of singapore and uploaded on the wildsingapore fact sheets about singapore's common marine life.


For high res versions of these photos, please review the details on about using my photos


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