In recent years I have bemoaned that I'm having to start my life all over again. Today I'm happily thinking to myself that once again I'm starting my life over again. Each time I successfully lose one of my hard-won preconceived notions about myself or about life, try a new and different path from the ones I've already tread I become a little more alive, a bit more present in the current moment.

I'm open to meeting new friends and experiencing more life. Flickr has been a wonderful tool for finding people to share experiences with.

Let's get to know each other!

I have just a few short animal videos here

my power animal

Do you have an earnest desire to save the world?

You can start by reading the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

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    jbc16 says:

    "Fred is a man of fast wit and a gentle heart. His shots are NOT your run of the mill cutesy animal portraits that most animal lovers favor. Instead he demonstrates their grace, beauty and personality. I am thankful for such a supportive and funny contact!"

    September 3rd, 2007

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    Tequila&Donuts says:

    "Wild is a big ol' beau hunk of man that's kind enough to share his world with us, and we're better for it. His pics show such a wonderful humanity. I would talk about his technical prowess, but I'm not educated enough - but I can say his pictures are right purty.
    If I could find his place, I'd eat Fig Newtons in his yard."

    March 22nd, 2007

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    Purr!!! says:

    "I enjoy viewing Wildlifeuplifts photos, they bring smiles to my face. I love the fact that they love wildlife and that they are doing wonderful things for them."

    March 7th, 2007

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    Natalia F. says:

    "Wild has the great quality as a photographer that his stream always privides a respite from the hustle and bustle of life in the city. He lives in an enchanted world where raccoons and other little critters curiously look in, and stay and play for a while. He manages to capture this with a keen eye and a sharp lens, and thankfully, shares it with all of us!

    As a person, he is one of the best and brightest out there. His comments are always insightful, thoughtful, and when need be, biting and funny. I blame it on the PNW, those 360 days of rain have certainly had their effect on him, making his brain just that more spongy and absorbent, so that he's able to take it all in, and share a laugh!!

    Thank you, your friendship has been a gift!"

    August 11th, 2006

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    jodi_tripp says:

    "Wildlife is one of my favorite flickr friends. He makes me laugh out loud with his dry sense of humor. His nature photographs are wonderful. He has such a love for wildlife (hence, his screen name) that shows through in photos. The racoons are adorable. Until knowing Wildlife, I just thought they were big rodents. I have a new apprecitation for them. He has educated me about what wonderful animals they can be!

    I have even gone as far as putting out some food, that I thought they might like. (So far, just the squirrels have enjoyed the food.) I guess I will just have to keep up with Wilds' photos!

    Wild, is kind and generous with his comments. I have really enjoyed getting to know him."

    May 26th, 2006

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    Marchnwe says:

    "He is very lucky! He is the king of all the sweetest animals, lovely plants, and the privileged witness of the impressive beauties of the nature that welcomes him warmly. I really do enjoy his shots a lot and love his racoon and cat friends!
    Stay with us, please."

    November 29th, 2005

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    marydawn says:

    "I can see the love wildlife has for all his creatures, great and small, by the photos that he takes of them. Now, after seeing wildlife himself, I can see the love karma surrounding him that is portrayed in his photos."

    November 7th, 2005

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