Hi all, just wanting to say gday from my family and I
My mum Sue (Wangus), My dad Bill (Potterphots), My Brother Brett (Gooseknack), and myself Lyndal (Wifflewaff)
We would like to welcome you to our photostream and hope you enjoy.

We all love photography, especially nature photography. There is nothing like being out and about with nature and seeing the many beautiful assets we have in nature and wildlife here in Australia.

There is never a day go by when there isn't a heap of things to photograph even just within the garden around the house and life never ceases to amaze and intrigue. To be able to get close to a wild animals without the need for an extra zoom lense is a wonderful experience. It just takes a little patience and a whole lot of respect for the animal and it's space. It's great to see these animals close up in person aswell as on the photo.

Being a family interest, there has never been a photography outing where we haven't swapped camera's and lenses when we all needed a different lense or camera to capture different aspects or colours of a subject.

We are blessed with so many beautiful and unique animals, flowers, types of plants and tree's and also beautiful landmarks, landscapes and scenery's which go on for miles. And to have these at our doorstep....Australia, what a wonderful place to be.

It's amazing what you learn about photography with every click of the camera's shutter button, every thing that is seen closely through the lense shows a new characteristic about the subject to learn, whether it be the tiniest insect or flower to the biggest bird or tree.

No matter how much photography we take, we are still learning and what a wonderful journey to take, seeing life through photography.

The photo's you will see on our photostream are just as they are seen through our eye's and camera lense, they are nature completely natural. The only editing you will find on our photo's if any, are slight brightness and exposure adjustments and cropping and also a little creativity when it comes to adding frames.

We might sometimes go a little further with creativitiy, and we will mention that in the blurb of the photo :)

It's wonderful to look through everyone's photograph's here on flickr and see the outstanding and stunning photo's taken by so many people from across the globe.

Nature has always interested me and intrigued me. I remember from a tiny tot when my family and I were out and about whether it be camping, out in the garden or just on a walk, mum always pointed out insects, birds, flowers and animals of any type. As far back as I can remember, Mum and Dad have always been creative, from dad's wood work, which included wood turned bottles to mum's painting, sewing, knitting and crochet. My parents are kind hearted people who love the peaceful and quiet life, they have always loved everything to to do with nature. Thier love for nature and thier creativity has shone through in my brother and I and we are so thankful and feel so blessed to have two wonderful parents who are larger than life and are our inspiration in life.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family and I love them with all my heart.

My family's and my other inspirations in life are our little furry kiddo's...our two labradors, Sandy and Bronson and our little kitty Koo's, Merrie Tippens, Ellie May, TomTom, Nikki Nougat, Matilda and Bigglesworth. :) You will find many of thier photo's here as we can upload them.
Love ya's Kiddo's.

Hope you enjoy a stroll through our flickr photostream.
Lyndal (Wifflewaff)

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September 2010
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