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www.whl.travel is a global online travel-booking network. It is the springboard for independent consumers headed off the beaten path and yearning to book travel through local businesses, no matter how small, and especially those making mindful decisions about their destinations, often in the developing world.


www.whl.travel trades in the kind of fun and responsible travel that is, today, what tourism will be tomorrow: experiential, conscientious and sustainable. Its emphasis on keeping things local brings local knowledge to light, delivers ethical travel advice on an emotional and practical level, and guarantees that profits remain in the hosts’ destinations.


The www.whl.travel photos displayed here are taken by locals who are passionate about their destinations. Some are of professional caliber, but others are not. Nevertheless, they all convey a local's knack for identifying, explaining and sustaining the distinctive qualities of a place.


We hope you enjoy these images and encourage you to leave comments!


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