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    big brown eyes says:

    "Yeeey testimonial edit! I think it needed to be done D=

    Wedgie is awesome! She is so friendly and has a wicked sense of humour, especially in real life ^^ She is really down to earth aaand fun to talk to!
    Wedge is also very precise at taking photos, they always look great aaand I really enjoy looking at them. ^___^
    She is also a super talented artist, I love her cartoony sketches and all her animations =D and.. basically all art things she does O,o she is teh creativeness.
    AND she is the grammar queen, and I am her minion.. able to make mistakes occasionally *looks innocent*

    SO basically all that concludes tooooo is Wedgie is all around lovely! ^^

    Now I think you should all go out and buy Paula yogurts in her honour.


    13th August, 2009

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    The Happiest Princess says:

    "wedgeh is one of the most creative, talented and inspiring people i have seen on flickr. im so glad i stumbled across her flickr, her stream is just full of awesomesauce."

    18th May, 2009

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    serekins says:

    "Weedge! I always love looking at her pics and the thing she makes...she's really awesome and always nice with everyone! xx"

    27th January, 2009

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    {sere} says:

    "I've really wanted to say it! Wedgeh is one of the most amazing people here in flickr who makes her dolls look alive! I really really enjoy looking at her pics and I hope to know her better but I'm sure she's really funny! ^^
    Ciao! xx"

    10th April, 2008

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    bupu' says:

    "Wedgeh is one of the most colorful and interesting people here. she is so much herself like people are affraid to be themselves. [you know what I mean] I like her dolls, her long room with a lot of stuff, her mother, her cat.... everything is interesting and so... different and similar in one time. [don't feel insulted :) ] so I like her very much and it won't change - and I think that I, without any problem, can say properly her first name :))
    kisses Luisa!"

    3rd January, 2008

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    Chrissie White says:

    "=D i haven't written wedgeh a testimoniallll.

    all i've got to say is.
    wedgeh is pretty much the coolest drawer/customizer ever, and one day she'll be soooooooooo famous people will pay her just to draw a teeeenny tiiiiiny line, because even THEN the line will look fantastic and amazing and wedgehtastic. =D
    ...yep that's all i've got to say.

    wedgeh rocks!"

    16th September, 2007

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    ben.doo.dat says:

    "wedge wedge glorious wedge!!!

    Wedge is the awesome-est. She has such cutie-pie-face dolls.
    (specially ziggy, and holly-pie, oh... and petra and, sid... this could go on forever.... so i am stopping.)

    I loooove ALL her photos. And, her drawings... her drawings are AMAZING!

    lol, and yes, i do get a bit over excited about some of her photos. ^________^

    anyways. She is the freakin' aweosme-est-ness-ly. :)"

    15th September, 2007

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    Linda Leow says:

    "Wedgeh is the funniest woman in all of Britain! She has the talent to make dolls look alive and I really enjoy to look at her plastic and resin mischievous little children. They seem totally out of control! You were one of my very first dolly friends on Flickr. *hugs*"

    15th September, 2007

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    gracelina. says:

    "wedge is one of the bestest people on flickr. ze photos she takes of her dollies are all REALLY cute, REALLY awesome, and REALLY great :D i am so lucky to have actually met her, and i'm really glad i have too, for she is utterly lovely (though i was utterly shy haha)..


    22nd August, 2007

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    ardentcurse - dollNo.9 says:

    "Wedgeh's Petra is my reason for being! My favorite dolly in all of the dolly world! She's why I bought my Dal dolls!
    Thanks for all of the WONDERFUL photos! Of all of your dolls!
    I'm always looking for more from you!

    23rd July, 2007

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    Tastes Like Static says:

    "wedge is super cool gal. whenever i see her photos of her daily life it makes me smile. it also makes me sad cos i live in ugly old america.
    ha ha. that was a joke, i think.

    anyway, wedge is brillant and her photos are awesomesauce!"

    13th April, 2007

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    girl enchanted says:

    "Wegdeh has talent in music,in drawings,in Blythe customization,in sewing furry funky boots,in making her flickr friends feel special...I can practicaly go on forever.. I've seen her wonderful sketch book and the famous Candy Carnival Sid and hopes to meet her again in our future meet ;=)"

    4th March, 2007

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    Nerderella says:

    "Wedgeh can make me love any doll. Her photo's are the best!
    This must be one of my #1 favourite Flickr accounts by far :)
    Keep up the wonderful work!
    You rock!!"

    27th February, 2007

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    eightl0ngmonths says:

    "wedgeh is the beest! I love her dollies and her pictures and her hilarious descriptions/comments. :D"

    26th February, 2007

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    Dot Rabbit says:

    "All I can say is: Wedge is the bestest ever!!!!
    xoxo, Dot"

    21st February, 2007

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    Charlie Charney says:

    "wedge has the best dollies, and takes awsome pictures! I love looking through her photos."

    28th January, 2007

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    rockymountainroz says:

    "Wedgeh is a talented artist...whether it is her sketches, paintings, photographs, designing dolly wardrobes, or doll customizations, her artistic skill always delights! Because of her friendly personality and her encouraging words, her flickr site is like a telly talk show for the blythe community! Wedgeh rocks!"

    22nd January, 2007

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    brettshinks says:

    "Wedgeh was one of my very first flickr friends and since I've known her, her dolly family has grown way beyond my own! She is also a super friendly, generous and talented person. Keep up all your good work and making lots of people smile :D"

    21st January, 2007

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    love♔dove says:

    "OMG, wedge in another language must mean wonderful. her comments have made me feel like a part of the dolly community. i love how each of her dolls has a personality, they manifest everything that is great about blythe.
    and i love that she likes to take things apart and put them back together in a more creative and beautiful way. the world needs you! *applause*"

    19th January, 2007

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    Babet. says:

    "wedgeh is one of my first flickr friends and she's one of my favourite, too :] she's really sweet and i'd like to have her as a friend in real life :]"

    21st October, 2006

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    tingeisha says:

    "This girl is so sweet! Every comment she's ever made puts a smile on my face.

    Thank you for being such a lovely person!"

    3rd October, 2006

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    BeckyRenee says:

    "YAY!! wedge :] she is really sweet and is a great photographer and makes me smile :] x"

    9th September, 2006

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    rakieface says:

    "Wedge is fabulous ja."

    11th August, 2006

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    s★ says:

    "wedge's so talented. she takes great pics x"

    5th August, 2006

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    Eleanor Hardwick says:


    4th July, 2006

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