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LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE!!! I need to know what else I can do to make my pictures better. I'd like to leave photoshopping till I get better with the basics, so suggestions please!!

Additionally, I've started looking at the Explore Page more, and am amazed at how random the pictures are there. Some truly belong there, and to those people I love your pics, but others are basically point an shoot crap that anybody can take (opinion). So, in order to level the playing field, I add those "rate my pic" tags to my photos, my way of fighting back. I don't actually want to join those groups because I think it is kind of the Bitc$ way of getting people to look, so I'm cheating.

And thank you to those of you who get explored and have full size pictures available to look at!!

Engineer, Passing Interest in photography, likes travel, sailing, and all of that good stuff. I'll try to add some of the best pre and post processed photos I come up with from now on.

Donate your old Glass to me!! Maybe not full donation, but if you have bought a canon after owning a nikon or something, let me know, I'll buy some discounted lenses.

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February 2007
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