We Are Homegrown is the online sobriquet of Lewis Hay; a photographer and layabout based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.


I'm not very good at these 'about me' type sections. I think it's partly because I'd like to retain a certain level of anonymity but mostly because I'd prefer be judged by what I do rather than what I say.


The same goes for my artistic ventures. I'd rather you make up your own mind about them without being influenced by my opinion of my own work.


Yeah, you're right, I think too much.


I'm also constantly on the prowl for new sources of creative inspiration, whether it's architectural plans, illustration, skateboarding videos, fashion, furniture design or some bizarre, niche technological advance.


My latest photographic endeavours over on my blog which is located at www.wearehomegrown.co.uk (though they will inevitably wash up on the shores of Flickr).


You can also find my mixtapes on Mixcloud, and my brainfeed on Twitter.

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