Grassfed is a health and wellness company focused on collaborating the knowledge of great holistic minds through modern media platforms that revolve around


My name is Klayton Carpenter and I operate Grassfed from Western Belize, 99% of these photos are mine (unless I am in it) and they may not be taken from this account without the expressed written consent of Grassfed Management.



Team Grassfed is a collaboration of holistic minds dedicated to empowering long and happy lives. This encompasses healthy food, natural healthcare, a positive mindset (humor and passionate lives), exercise and time in nature, as well as environmentally-empowering households, restaurants, and resorts.


We create the connection between:


The Farmer and The Chef,

The Plant to The Person,

And Individuals to the Knowledge of Great Holistic Minds.


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  • OccupationWellness Consultant
  • HometownSt.Louis, MO
  • CountryBelize


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