Hi...I'm a 60 year old guy who's taken WAY too many photos over the years! I've uploaded some of my favorite vintage shots here on Flickr from back when I was a teenager. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Comments and conversations are always welcome!

If you want a copy of any of my photos in the original size, usually larger than those on Flickr, please send me a Flickrmail with the titles of the photos you would like and we can discuss the cost. Generally, I email them to you and can also copy them to a DVD and mail the disk to you. I respond quickly to all requests.

===> 01/12/14. Folks, I'm REALLY glad you saw the write-up on my photos at the Flickr blog today. Please feel free to enjoy the images. I'll try to reply to your comments as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy the time machine!

Here's a link to the article: blog.flickr.net/2014/01/12/a-labor-of-love-new-york-in-th...



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    Jorge Mateo says:

    "Andy Blair's gallery is transported to another era, high quality photographs with a very cinematographic style of the late 70's and early 80's, is one of my favorite artists in this community, his work has an impressive value and with the Over the years is increasing. I feel healthy envy of not being able to be born at that time and make my own photos, but somehow Andy has gotten me to enjoy a magical and special time portraying it from his point of view. Thanks Andy, for sharing this work."

    June 27th, 2017

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    Auto Body Guy says:

    "I met Andy on Flickr about six weeks ago. His images and writings caught my attention and I found myself spending hours at a time enjoying his work.
    I'm strictly an amateur in photography, and not very computer savvy at all.I decided to join Flickr and started out by emailing​ Andy. He was very accommodating and helpful. He was also very patient with my many questions and gave me excellent advice on how to get my prints scanned, how to navigate around the Flickr site, and how to tap into all the great features available.

    As far as his work goes, it speaks for itself. Just great stuff! He literally risked life and limb to get some of these photos and that is so appreciated.

    Thank you wavz13!"

    March 19th, 2017

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    Bobec 47 says:

    "Quite right, kingofthings, Andy has assembled a fantastic collection of pictures of his home areas. The transformation of cities over the years is always interesting, but New York / New Jersey must be some of the most intense reconstructions on the planet.
    Not only the photo's, but the descriptions give so much added value and meaning, ..... even to "strangers".
    I think Andy's stream should be compulsory viewing for school kids in these areas, to give them an insight into their heritage. Geez, .... I'm impressed,...... and I'm a Limey !!"

    May 9th, 2013

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    kingofthings says:

    "As Cecil of 'Beany and Cecil' would say...'What the heck! Quite forcefully and loudly at that. NO testimonials! What the heck!!!??? I've 'known' wavz for just minutes and here I am! Come on now people! I am in awe of what he has done here. You must be. I cannot imagine what it took and takes to do this. Thank you so much wavz for all you do and have done!"

    February 16th, 2012

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