To start, sorry, but I never refer myself in the 3rd person, just doesn't feel normal. :OP

I'm a scorpio, born in the year of the dog, on the month of the rooster, on the hour of the sheep.

The cameras I use are a Canon 7e (film), a Sony something (which I seldomly use and let my dear mother use), and a Canon Rebel XT. To the Canon, I attach the standard kit lens, a 50mm 1.8, the 75-300mm, and occassionally, the kit lens for the Canon Elan7e.

Now, I'm not going to go into the metaphysical, cosmological, nor philosophical reasons I do photography because it's not complicated; it's just fun.

Common Q's & A's:

1. Where are you from?

Washington, D.C.

2. But you're Hispanic, where are YOU from?

Washington, D.C., born and raised, if you meant by bloodwise, El Salvador. Is it really too hard to imagine brown people being born outside of a Latin American country though?

3. Do you edit your photographs?

Edit in the sense of removing people/things and inserting others, no. I usually tend to play with saturation, curves, hues, etc., but just a wee bit, but I don't go all Gilgamesh on it.

4. Who's Gilgamesh?

Bing it!


Y claro que hablo Español...solo porque soy nacido en el EEUU no significa que soy idiota, ha!


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March 2006
Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C., US of A
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